NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC OF A FILING BY APPALACHIAN POWER COMPANY OF ITS INTEGRATED RESOURCE PLAN CASE NO. PUR-2022-00051 On April 29, 2022, Appalachian Power Company (''APCo''or ''Company'') filed with the State Corporation Commission (''Commission'') the Company's 2022 Integrated Resource Plan (''IRP'') pursuant to § 56-599 of the Code of Virginia (''Code''). An IRP, as defined by § 56-597 of the Code, is ''a document developed by an electric utility that provides a forecast of its load obligations and a plan to meet those obligations by supply side and demand side resources over the ensuing 15 years to promote reasonable prices, reliable service, energy independence, and environmental responsibility.'' Pursuant to § 56-599 D of the Code, the Commission determines whether an IRP is reasonable and in the public interest and must make such determination within nine months of the date of filing. APCo states that it serves both retail and wholesale customers located in Virginia, West Virginia, and Tennessee, including approximately 542,000 retail electric customers in Virginia. APCo further states that that the peak load requirement of its total retail and wholesale customers is seasonal in nature, with distinctive peaks occurring in the summer and winter seasons. APCo states that its IRP, based upon various assumptions, provides an optimized selection of resources that balances the Company's obligations for capacity and renewable energy requirements under the Virginia Clean Economy Act, while also meeting ongoing PJM reliability and capacity obligations. According to the Company, the IRP encompasses the 15 year planning period from 2022 to 2036 and is based on the Company's current long-term assumptions regarding customer load requirements, commodity prices, supply-side alternative costs, transmission and distribution planning, and demand side management program costs and impacts. In addition, the Company considered the effect of environmental rules. Section 56-599 B of the Code requires, among other things, that an IRP evaluate: (i) the effect of current and pending environmental regulations upon the continued operation of existing electric generation facilities or options for construction of new electric generation facilities; and (ii) the most cost-effective means of complying with current and pending environmental regulations. APCo states that the IRP ''considers the potential cost associated with some form of future regulation of carbon emissions, during the planning period, even though there is uncertainty as to the timing and form future carbon regulation may take.'' APCo also notes that it has complied with directives in recent Commission Orders. The Commission has taken judicial notice of the ongoing public health issues related to the spread of the coronavirus, or COVID-19. In accordance therewith, all pleadings, briefs, or other documents required to be served in this matter shall be submitted electronically to the extent authorized by 5 VAC 5-20-150, Copies and format, of the Commission's Rules of Practice and Procedure (''Rules of Practice''). Confidential and Extraordinarily Sensitive Information shall not be submitted electronically and should comply with 5 VAC 5-20-170, Confidential information, of the Rules of Practice. Any person seeking to hand deliver and physically file or submit any pleading or other document shall contact the Clerk's Office Document Control Center at (804) 371-9838 to arrange the delivery. Pursuant to 5 VAC 5-20-140, Filing and service, of the Commission's Rules of Practice, the Commission has directed that service on parties and the Commission's Staff in this matter shall be accomplished by electronic means. Please refer to the Commission's Order for Notice and Hearing for further instructions concerning Confidential or Extraordinarily Sensitive Information. The Commission entered an Order for Notice and Hearing that, among other things, scheduled public hearings on APCo's IRP. On October 24, 2022, at 10 a.m., the Commission will hold a telephonic hearing, with no witness present in the Commission's courtroom, for the purpose of receiving the testimony of public witnesses. On or before October 19, 2022, any person desiring to offer testimony as a public witness shall provide to the Commission (a) your name, and (b) the telephone number that you wish the Commission to call during the hearing to receive your testimony. This information may be provided to the Commission in three ways: (i) by filling out a form on the Commission's website at; (ii) by completing and emailing the PDF version of this form to; or (iii) by calling (804) 371-9141. This public witness hearing will be webcast at On October 25, 2022, at 10 a.m., in the Commission's second floor courtroom located in the Tyler Building, 1300 East Main Street, Richmond, Virginia 23219, a hearing will be convened to receive testimony and evidence from the Company, any respondents, and the Commission's Staff. An electronic copy of the public version of the Company's IRP may be obtained by submitting a written request to counsel for the Company, Noelle J. Coates, Esquire, American Electric Power Service Corporation, 3 James Center, 1051 East Cary Street, Suite 1100, Richmond, Virginia 23219, or On or before October 19, 2022, any interested person may submit comments on the IRP electronically by following the instructions on the Commission's website: Those unable, as a practical matter, to submit comments electronically may file such comments by U.S. mail to the Clerk of the State Corporation Commission, c/o Document Control Center, P.O. Box 2118, Richmond, Virginia 23218-2118. All comments shall refer to Case No. PUR-2022-00051. On or before August 5, 2022, any person or entity wishing to participate as a respondent in this proceeding may do so by filing a notice of participation with the Clerk of the Commission at: Those unable, as a practical matter, to file a notice of participation electronically may file such notice by U.S. mail to the Clerk of the Commission at the address listed above. Such notice of participation shall include the email addresses of such parties or their counsel, if available. A copy of the notice of participation as a respondent also must be sent to counsel for the Company. Pursuant to 5 VAC 5-20-80 B, Participation as a respondent, of the Commission's Rules of Practice, any notice of participation shall set forth: (i) a precise statement of the interest of the respondent; (ii) a statement of the specific action sought to the extent then known; and (iii) the factual and legal basis for the action. Any organization, corporation or government body participating as a respondent must be represented by counsel as required by 5 VAC 5-20-30, Counsel, of the Rules of Practice. All filings shall refer to Case No. PUR-2022-00051. On or before September 2, 2022, each respondent may file with the Clerk of the Commission, at, any testimony and exhibits by which the respondent expects to establish its case. Any respondent unable, as a practical matter, to file testimony and exhibits electronically may file such by U.S. mail to the Clerk of the Commission at the address listed above. Each witness's testimony shall include a summary not to exceed one page. All testimony and exhibits shall be served on the Staff, the Company, and all other respondents simultaneous with its filing. In all filings, the respondent shall comply with the Rules of Practice, including 5 VAC 5-20-140, Filing and service, and 5 VAC 5-20-240, Prepared testimony and exhibits. All filings shall refer to Case No. PUR-2022-00051. Any documents filed in paper form with the Office of the Clerk of the Commission in this docket may use both sides of the paper. In all other respects, except as modified by the Commission's Order for Notice and Hearing, all filings shall comply fully with the requirements of 5 VAC 5-20-150, Copies and format, of the Commission's Rules of Practice. The Commission's Rules of Practice, APCo's IRP, the Commission's Order for Notice and Hearing, and other documents filed in this case may be viewed on the Commission's website at: APPALACHIAN POWER COMPANY

1300 East Main Street, Richmond, VA