Details for Notice for Bids


DBE Certified Minority and Women Owned Businesses Boxley Materials Company intends to bid on the following VDOT Slurry Seal Projects which bid on January 20, 2021: Bristol District: Order No. 153; LM1C-961-F22, N501: Order No. 154; LM1D-961-F22, N501; Order No. 155; LM1E-961-F22, N501; Order No. 156; LM1F-961-F22, N501; Order No. 157; SS1A-961-F22, N501 Salem District: Order No. 271; LM2E-962-F21, P401; Lynchburg District: Order No. 347; LM3A-963-F21, N501 Hampton Roads District: Order No. 549; LM5A-091-768, P401; Order No. 550; LM5C-001-725, P401 Fredericksburg District: Order No. 650; SS6C-966-F21, P401; Order No. 651; LM6A-966-F21, P401 Staunton District: Order No. 896; LM8C-093-F21, N501 If you are interested in submitting a quote on trucking, pavement markings, crack seal, pavement asphalt repair, modified single seal, flexible pavement planning, rumble strips, etc., please contact Eddie Blount by phone at 434-477-5122, or submit your proposal via email at or fax 434-239-1713. Plans and proposals are available at 1678 Lawyers Road, Lynchburg, VA. EOE

1678 Lawyers Road, Lynchburg, VA


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