Details for Notice of Public Hearing- Nelson County Board of Supervisors


LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING NELSON COUNTY BOARD OF SUPERVISORS In accordance with Volume 3A, Title 15.2, Counties, Cities and Towns, of the Code of Virginia, 1950, as amended, and pursuant to §15.2-1427, §15.2-2204, §15.2-2285, §15.2-2310, and §15.2-4307, the Nelson County Board of Supervisors hereby gives notice that a Public Hearing will start at 7:00 p.m., Tuesday, April 13, 2021 in the General District Courtroom on the third floor of the Nelson County Courthouse located at 84 Courthouse Square, Lovingston, to receive public input for the following: Public Hearing(s): 1. Special Use Permit #253 4-1-50a Social Temporary Event, in excess of twelve such events in a calendar year and provided that the event complies with the County Noise Ordinance Consideration of a Special Use Permit application requesting County approval to allow "Social Temporary Event, in excess of twelve such events in a calendar year and provided that the event complies with the County Noise Ordinance" use on property zoned A-1. The subject property is located at Tax Map Parcel #12-A-79A at 27 Chapel Hollow Rd. The subject property is owned by Snow Knows Inc. 2. Proposed Zoning Ordinance Updates Batch 1 Consideration of Zoning Ordinance Amendments to: 1. Remove "Artist Community," "Artist Community Residencies," and "Resident Artist" from Article 2: Definitions. Remove Section 4-1-46a "Artist Community" from Uses Permitted by Special Use Permit Only in Article 4: Agriculture District A-1 2. Update definition of "Restaurant" in Article 2: Definitions to remove language regarding dancing. The proposed definition reads, "Any building in which for compensation, food or beverages are dispensed for consumption on the premises, including among other establishments cafes, tea rooms, confectionery shops, or refreshment stands." 3. Add Section 18-2-8 "Restaurant" as a by-right Permitted Accessory Use in Article 18: Limited Industrial M-1. Copies of the above files and the full text of the proposed amendments are available for review in the Dept. of Planning & Zoning office, 80 Front Street, Lovingston, Virginia, or the Office of the County Administrator 84 Courthouse Square Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. For more information, call the Dept. of Planning & Zoning, (434) 263-7090, or toll free at 888-662-9400, selections 4 and 1 or the County Administrator's Office at (434) 263-7000. EOE. BY AUTHORITY OF NELSON COUNTY BOARD OF SUPERVISORS

27 Chapel Hollow Rd, Lovingston, VA


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