Details for Notice of Public Hearing


NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING BEDFORD COUNTY BOARD OF SUPERVISORS Notice is hereby given that the Bedford County Board of Supervisors will conduct a public hearing on Monday, July 26, 2021, at 7:00 pm, for the following application: Rezoning Application RZ21-0002 is a request by Cottontown Investments, LLC. to rezone Tax Map # 101-A-7E from PRD (Planned Residential Development district) to R-4 (High Density Residential district) for the purpose of establishing 300 apartment units ("Dwelling, Multifamily" use). The 2030 Comprehensive Plan future land use map shows the parcel located in a "Mixed Use" designation. The purpose of PRD, the Planned Residential Development district, is to provide for the development of planned residential communities that incorporate a variety of housing options as well as certain limited commercial and office uses designed to serve the inhabitants of the district. The PRD district is intended to allow greater flexibility than is generally possible under conventional zoning district regulations by encouraging ingenuity, imagination and high-quality design to create a superior living environment for the residents of the planned community. Incorporation of significant areas of open space is a primary component of these provisions as a means to maintain critical natural and cultural resources, balanced with development at densities which compensate, or in certain situations reward with bonuses, for maintenance of these resources. The PRD district is particularly appropriate for parcels which contain a number of constraints to conventional development. In addition to an improved quality of design, the PRD district creates an opportunity to reflect changes in the technology of land development, provide opportunities for new approaches to home ownership, and provide for an efficient use of land which can result in reduced development costs. The purpose of the R-4, High Density Multi-Family Residential district is to provide areas in the county within the urban service area where existing high density residential development (typically twelve to eighteen units per acre) has been established and land areas which generally appear to be appropriate for such development. R-4 areas should serve as a buffer between less intensive and more intensive districts. R-4 areas are designated based on direct access to major streets, and where sewer, water, and schools, and other public services have suitable capacity to accommodate development at the stated density. An additional consideration is that the parcel sizes allow for well planned residential development. A variety of housing densities and styles is encouraged in order to permit a diversity and flexibility in design and layout. Additional standards are established to provide for amenities in higher density developments. The property is located at 1029, 1072, 1073, 1106, 1107, 1128, 1176, 1228, 1288, 1342, and 1390 Cottontown Manor Drive and is currently under development with 180 multifamily dwelling units and 96 extended stay hotel units. The subject property is 17.67 acres in size and is currently owned by Cottontown Investments LLC. Voluntary proffers have been offered by the applicant. The Board of Supervisors public hearing will be held in the Bedford County Building Administration Building Board Room, 122 E. Main St. Bedford, VA. Copies of the applications are available for public inspection at the Department of Community Development located in the Bedford County Administration Building, 122 E. Main St., Bedford, VA., telephone 540-586-7616. Persons affected may appear and will be provided the opportunity to present their views.

1390 Cottontown Manor Drive, Bedford, VA