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Dan River Region real estate transfers
Real Estate Transfers

Dan River Region real estate transfers

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City of Danville

Recorded July 23

  • Lynn Tavss Lantz to Bahama Time, LLC, 75.08 feet, lot 16, section F, 255 Oakwood Circle, $95,000.
  • Tamatha Barrineau Yeatts to John Nicholas Barrineau, 50 feet, lot 50, section A, 110 Front St., no money transferred.
  • Peter Brooks Stergion and Catherine Oakes Stergion to Steve Hair and Susan Hair, lot 18, section G, 105 Candlewood Road, $220,000.
  • Carrie P. Ashe to Salim Damani, Tate Street, $27,500.
  • Mastin W. Hairston and Hazel C. Hairston to Cassell C. Fitzgerald Jr., lot B, 694 Stokes St., $4,500.
  • Pamela B. Haymore (Pamela Barker Haymore) to BIU, LLC, parcel one: 60 feet, lot 36, section H; parcel two: lot 35, section N, 820 Glendale Ave., $30,000.
  • Stephen V. Davis to Richard N. Anderson and Lori Ann C. Anderson, 100 feet, lot three, 132 Herndon Place, $375,000.
  • Rebecca W. Goodwin to K&V Rental Homes, 70 feet, lot 12, section two, 326 Withers Road, $85,000.
  • George V. Henderson and Jackie H. Henderson to Ernest Coppage and Yolanda Coppage, lot 34, section I, 806 Audubon Drive, $175,900.

Recorded July 26

  • Daven A. Hall and Christy L. Hall to Henry A. Leggett Jr., 150 feet, lots 48-53, Burton Drive, $2,000.
  • Chester H. Surgeon and Gail Surgeon Braxton to Van Thanh Luona, lot three, 213 Wendell Scott Drive, $40,000.
  • Jan Norman Booker and Ida Janet Carol Booker to David Larry King Sr., 250 feet, lots two-four, six, eight, block F, 109 Kent St. and Elwood Street, $26,000.
  • Linda C. Mann and Elizabeth A. Carter to Rebecca J. Evans and Michael Anthony Evans, 75 feet, lot 27, section A, 136 Grove Park Circle, $104,000.
  • Robert A. Freeman and Mariah N. Freeman and Tribe Property Solutions to Modern Structure Holdings, 338 Halifax St. and Scales Street, $10,000.
  • Stanley D. Rush and Constance F. Rush to Dai Quoc Nguyen and Tuyet Anh Nguyen, 70 feet, lot 14, section C, 163 Naples St., $86,500.
  • Davis Investment Property to NBS Real Estate, 60 feet, lot 41, section H, 786 Glendale Ave., $45,000.
  • Daniel Newman to NBS Real Estate, 45 feet, lot five, 363 Chatelaine Ave., $30,000.
  • Ralph L. Noble and Linda M. Noble to BEH Investments, 50 feet, 252 Gray St., $13,000.

Recorded July 27

  • Louise Williams (Mary Louise Williams) and John T. Williams to Durend Neal Holley, 60 feet, lot four, block C, 736 Melville Ave., no money transferred.
  • Debbie Cifers, James Cifers, Glynn O. Shumate Jr., Carolyn Westrick, James Westrick, Nikki Shumate Durham and Jamie Durham to Belinda S. Martin, 75 feet, lots 90-92, 183 Beech Ave., no money transferred.
  • Gary D. Jones to Thao N. Cam and Ai Nhan Nang Deo, 60.01 feet, lot seven, section E, 320 North Woodberry Ave., $95,000.
  • Michael Wickliff to ABLI Investments, 60 feet, lot two, 1023 Claiborne St., $7,000.
  • Lynn J. Tweed to U.S. Bank National Association, partial lot 13, 141 Westmoreland Court, $136,161.
  • Frankie H. Jones and Diane M. Jones to Cynthia A. Simpson, 60 feet, lot two, 117 Astor Court, $125,000.

Recorded July 28

  • The Daniel Group Inc. to Carlis Wayne Bryant and Teresa Smith Bryant, 2.08 acres, lots 23 and 24A, section I, Shoreham Drive, $150,000.
  • Amy Timberlake Gray to Chevonya Nycole Ealey Brooks, 70 feet, lot four, section one, 247 Withers Road, $64,000.
  • Maxine Fortineau-Lee to Paul Capel III and Avron Lucien Fortineau, parcel one: lot; parcel two: lot N, 245 Garfield St., no money transferred.
  • Reverse Mortgage Funding to Winter Nicole Adams, 92 feet, lot one B, 835 Halifax Road, $57,701.
  • Nester Holdings to Patricia N. Ratliff, lot two, 1363 Westover Drive and Capri Court, $145,000.
  • Robin Renell Shavers to Gina Shavers Brown (Gina Gaye Shavers) and Gina G. Shavers, ½ interest in lot 15, 939 Piney Forest Road, no money transferred.
  • Gina Shavers Brown (Gina Gaye Shavers) and Gina G. Shavers to Thinh Quoc Nguyen and Loan M. Lam, lot 15, 939 Piney Forest Road, $115,000.
  • Chanikqua Wilson (Chanikqua Wilson McCain) to Evesting, LLC, 65 feet, lot 199, 421 Eighth St., $2,000.
  • Simon Heffinger to Danielle Diane Erickson, 108.33 feet, lot one, section A, 128 Pendleton Road, $266,000.
  • SRE, LLC to Scott C. Chaney and Patricia H. Chaney, parcel one: lots 18-19 and partial lot 20, 1083 Franklin Turnpike, $115,000.
  • Troika Properties to Front Porch Living, LLC, parcel one: 45 feet; parcel two: 49.99 feet, 125 Jefferson Ave.

Recorded July 29

  • Robert Allen Roberts to Roberts Investment Properties, partial lots 61-64, 467 Church Ave., no money transferred.
  • Deangelo J. Bennett and Jessica R. Bennett to T and P Investment Group, Partial lot four and lot five, block E, 407 Montague St., no money transferred.
  • Dorothy S. Grinstead (Dorothy Soyars Grinstead) and Sharon Suzanne Payne Walker to Angela M. Breedlove, lot two, section G, 523 Northmont Blvd., $103,000.
  • Florence B. Bethel to Derek M. Bethel and Cheryl A. Bethel, lot 16, section G, 1559 Kemper Road, $110,000.
  • Snowbird Global to Nicholas J. Piccolo, lots 82-88, 317 Wrenn Drive, $8,516.22.
  • Theron Bennett Leggett to Henry A. Leggett Jr., lots 51-52, 52 Sanford St., $15,000.

Recorded July 30

  • Leonard A. Hassell Jr. and Rebecca A. Hassell to Devon Cain and Tynita Strickland-Cain, 42 feet, partial lots 313 and 311, 424 Van Buren St., $8,500.
  • Calvin L. Merricks and James B. Brewster and Sandra V. Brewster to Tricor Residential Holdings, 50 feet, lot eight, 216 Locust Lane, $20,000.
  • Mukesh Nigam and Sandhya Nigam to Anthony L. Donnell and Monica A. Donnell, lot 17, section H, 120 Newbury Way, $498,000.
  • Bobby Lee White to Joshua D. Beach and Jessica Beach, 20 feet, 121 Mountain View Ave., no money transferred.
  • Joshua D. Beach and Jessica Beach to Gary R. Thompson and Janice R. Thompson, parcel one: 77.51 feet; parcel two: 20 feet, 121 Mountain View Ave., $215,000.
  • Robin P. Jefferson and Rodney L. Pugh to Nexus Realty, lot nine A, section C, 229 Starmont Drive, $34,000.
  • Robin S. Doucette, Linda K. Ross and David T. Soyars to Cindie A. Reinhold, lot two, 4515 Westover Drive, $147,000.
  • Debika Demazumder to Dontrel Lamar Fitzgerald and Brittany Fitzgerald, lots one-four, 1220 Westover Drive, $157,000.
  • Jerry T. Carter and Wanda P. Carter to Frank M. Shields, Unit 340, Building five, Phase II, Cabin Creek Condo, 340 Seminole Trail, $20,000.
  • Patrick E. Scanlon and Tabatha B. Gano to Christopher E. Brown, 44.94 feet, 144 Harris Place, $67,000.
  • Erik D. Christensen and Val-Rae Darlene Lindenau (Val-Rae Christensen) to Paisley C. Holloway-Magness and Andrew A.W. Magness, lot 17 and partial lot 18, 134 Sutherlin Ave., $145,000.
  • Atkinson Rentals to Jason E. Bryant Sr., 60 feet, lot three and four, partial lot two, 244 West Main St., $304,700.
  • Frank M. Shields to Scott P. Aiken, 40 feet, lots seven and eight, block D, 311 Marshall Terrace, $52,000.
  • Ruth Ann Daniel to Teisha Mercedes Penn and Devin Jamal McKenzie, lot four A, section A, 125 Altice Drive, $169,900.
  • Micah C. Robinson to 2JD, LLC, 50.22 feet, lot A one, 1021 Main St., $250,000.
  • Adrian T. Moore and Nancy M. Moore to Patricia D. Meeks, lot 21 A, 1507 Westover Drive, $56,850.
  • Daly Family Investments to BV209, LLC, parcel one: 1.1176 acres, lot 13A, parcel two: lot five, Piney Forest Road, $315,000.

Pittsylvania County

Recorded July 27

  • Charles Elmer Aldridge and Hugh Gene Aldridge to Thomas James Aldridge Jr. and Thomas James Aldridge III, parcel three: 24.033 acres, Pittsylvania County, $30,000.
  • Brandy L. Claybrook (Brandy L. Wells) to Dennis Michael Basher, lot seven, Staunton River District, $141,000.
  • Monica P. Randolph (Monica P. Glass) and Gregory L. Glass to Monica P. Glass and Gregory L. Glass, lot three, section M, 0.459 acre, State Road 1701, Pittsylvania County, $10.
  • James M. Pack to James M. Pack and Emma L. Pack, 1.545 acres, State Route 626, Callands-Gretna District, no money transferred.
  • Donna Leigh Dickens Anderson (Donna Leigh Dickens), Donna L. Dickens and Donald M. Anderson to Dustin D. Dickens and David J. Byrd-Dickens, lot B one, 1.842 acres and lot B two, 1.136 acres, State Road 713, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.

Recorded July 28

  • Harris Land and Timber Co. to Robert E. Price Jr., lot six, 5.27 acres, Banister River Estate, $15,000.
  • Shannon Lynskey Willis to Shannon Lynskey Willis, Garry H. Lynskey and Teresa J. Burnette, 4.599 acres, Westover District, no money transferred.
  • Rita P. Smithey and Tony Martin Smithey to Christopher P. Phelps, tract nine, 15.36 acres, Pittsylvania County, $35,200.
  • Angela M. Wright to Bruce Bell Jr. and Barbara Bell, tract 18, 10.000 acres, Pittsylvania County, $2,600.
  • Board of Supervisors of Pittsylvania County, VA to Mid-Atlantic Foundation, 5.94 acres, Blairs District, no money transferred.
  • The Mid-Atlantic Foundation to Blairs School Apartments, 5.94 acres, Blairs District, no money transferred.
  • Barry Wayne Shelton to Kathryn Greenspan Davis and Barry Wayne Shelton, lot eight, State Road 743, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.

Recorded July 29

  • Roger K. Byrd Jr. and Patricia P. Byrd to Kevin S. Byrd and Lindsay P. Byrd, parcel, State Road 801, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.
  • Luke Elijah Manning to Alvin Lennie Moore and Elizabeth McPhaul-Moore, tract A, 115.763 acres, Pittsylvania County, $475,000.
  • Scotty L. Long and Amanda Nicole Thompson Long (Amanda N. Thompson) to Carlos Lerman, lot 10, section B, Poplar Acres, Pittsylvania County, $8,900.
  • Linda P. Falls to Scott A. Mindler, 4.12 acres, State Road 807, Pittsylvania County, $135,000.
  • Randolph Greg Saunders to Debbie Williams, lot seven B, section C, 0.259 acre, Pittsylvania County, $140,000.
  • Rodger Dale Isom II to Scott C. Chaney and Marc E. Morris, two parcels, State Road 732, Pittsylvania County, $75,000.
  • Harold Wayne Huffman and Patricia B. Huffman to Harold Wayne Huffman, tract three, 61.07 acres, State Road 729 and 698, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.

Recorded July 30

  • Linda Campbell Oakes (Linda C. Oakes) and David W. Oakes Jr. to Dickie Dickens, 8.03 acres, State Road 968, Pittsylvania County, $24,900.
  • Veronica M. Shaw to Kyle Cole McCabe and Amber Nicole McCabe, lot two, 3.204 acres, State Route 750, Pittsylvania County, $169,950.
  • Johnny L. Owens Jr. to Tammy S. Thurman, lot six, 0.50 acre, State Road 897, Pittsylvania County, $170,000.
  • Eric W. Hogue and Brenda G. Hogue to Giuseppe Costagliola and Caitlin Marie Costagliola, lot 21, 0.689 acre, State Road 734, Pittsylvania County, $240,000.
  • David W. Shelton and Dawn C. Shelton to Tina Waller, triangular lot ¾ acre, Staunton River District, no money transferred.
  • Timothy D. Agnor Jr. and Laura Thurman Agnor to Timothy D. Agnor Jr. and Laura Thurman Agnor, lot four C and four D, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.
  • Karen Yeatts (Karen C. Reutter) to Michael A. Dalton, lot 17, 0.819 acre, Highway 40, Town of Gretna, $133,000.
  • Kerry A. Nunez Kroffee to Yolanda Marie Paylor and Sam Gyapong, lot 12 A, section B, Lumpkins Forest, Blairs District, $271,000.
  • HTNB, LLC to Bradley Owen Haymes, lots seven and eight, South Main Street, Town of Chatham, $145,000.
  • Teresa C. Warren to Brenda J. Warren, 23.19 acres, State Road 1119, Dan River District, no money transferred.
  • Kevin P. Snow and Kimberly A. Snow to Julious Antwonne Miller and Kimberly Michelle Miller, lot five, section L, Olde Hunting Trail, Pittsylvania County, $199,900.
  • Betty Ann Rigney to Rodney D. Rigney and Corinna L. Towler, lot 10, section A, Laurel Woods Drive, Pittsylvania County, $245,000.
  • Chester G. Saurborn to James E. Burr and Kimberly M. Burr, lot 20, section one, Jasper Wood Park, Pittsylvania County, $170,000.
  • Gary B. Scott and Tommy C. Schiemann to William Benson Scott, lot three, 1.0 acre, Callands-Gretna District.


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