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Dan River Region real estate transfers
Real Estate Transfers

Dan River Region real estate transfers

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City of Danville

Recorded June 8

  • Reamous Gunn Jr. to Anthony Keith Hairston Jr., partial lot seven, Ross Street, no money transferred.
  • Mark T. Thornton to Lisa M. Thornton, 70 feet, lot 13, section G, 77 Stokesland Ave., $1.
  • Effie E. Rhamy to Effie E. Rhamy and Myron C. Rhamy, 65 feet, lot two, section G, 452 Brentwood Drive, no money transferred.
  • Michael P. Lovern II to Michael P. Lovern II and Victoria Lynn Lovern, parcel one: lot one, Holland Road and parcel two: Holland Road, no money transferred.
  • Michael P. Lovern II to Michael P. Lovern II and Sarah Michelle Lovern, 150 feet, lots 25-30, block three, Hurt Street, no money transferred.
  • Linda B. Seidle to TJ2, 71.27 feet, lot 13, section H, 224 Park Circle, $30,000.
  • Jose M. Magana and Alexa T. Magana to Erika Cardenas, 61.34 feet, lot 41A, 317 Guilford St., $132,500.

Recorded June 9

  • Lynwood E. Joyce and Ellen T. Joyce to Christopher Thomas Moore, parcel one: lot 29 A; parcel two: 2.46 feet, 199 Marshall Terrace, $113,600.
  • Reidsville Centre to Riesling Properties, lots E, F and G, Piney Forest Road and 110 Davis Drive, $405,000.
  • Gary Cotta and Margaret E. Cotta to Linda Sue Smith, partial lots 22 and 23, block G. 398 Hawthorne Drive and corner, $345,000.
  • Roger W. Player and Kellee Player to Curtis Gregory, 85 feet, lot six, 355 Iris Lane, $167,000.
  • David R. Mehalko to Thomas E. Savastano Jr., 70 feet, lot two, section one, 206, Withers Road, $39,633.
  • Steve G. Fitzgerald and Joylette H. Fitzgerald to Muhammad Umar, 60 feet, lot two, 404 Norwood Drive, $70,000.

Recorded June 10

  • Pedro Lais Jaimes, Briana Lynn Jaimes and Jaimes Family Rental to MJM Capital, 517 Third Ave., $210,000.
  • Robert Rodgers, Angelia Fitzgerald and Larry O. Rodgers to Torrance Dewayne Walden, partial lot eight, 870 Lee St., no money transferred.
  • Manzoor Qadir to Paul Okwesili, parcel one: 60 feet, lot three and partial lot four, Locust Lane; parcel two: 50 feet lot 34 1466 Myrtle Ave., $25,000.
  • Amedeo Vincent Velez to Barry W. Pyron, 50 feet, lot one, 243 Wooding Ave., $5,700.

Recorded June 11

  • George David Smith to Steven L. Moore, 249 Blue Jay St., no money transferred.
  • The Daniel Group Inc. to Mukesh Patel, lot 21, 206.7 feet, Shoreham Drive,, $75,000.
  • Suhasons Inc. to Deurali Group, 375 Mount Cross Road, $1,225,000.

Pittsylvania County

Recorded June 7

  • Joel R. Wilson and Amber D. Wilson to Daniel Moss, lot one, 5.000 acres, Pittsylvania County, $13,000.
  • Kyle David Stewart to Kyle David Stewart and Harmony Ann Stewart, lot six, Sky Blue Acres Subdivision, Town of Hurt, no money transferred.
  • Jane W. White, (Jane W. White Family Trust) to Douglas E. Burns and Constance E. Burns, lots one-A-one and lot one-A-two, State Road 713, Pittsylvania County, $22,500.
  • Russell A. Eades (Russell W. Eades) to Forrest G. Smith and Jeffrey A. Hamlett, tract B, 22.792 acres, Pittsylvania County, $75,000.
  • Joseph Glenn Harris and Courtney Suzanne Harris to Eric B. Squier and Rebecca L. Squier, lot 9, 10, section A, State Route 863, Pittsylvania County, $220,000.
  • James R. Lumpkins Jr. and Sylvia R. Lumpkins to Samantha L. Eller and Adam K. Lumpkins, 10.03 acres, State Highway 804, Chatham District, no money transferred.
  • Eugene H. Hamlett and Lenora M. Hamlett to Frances Osborne, lot two, State Route 631, Staunton River District, $183,000.
  • Ronald S. Williamson and Marie Williamson to Brian Cole Jarvis and Donna A. Braham, lot four, section C, 11.8 acres, Tunstall District, $255,000.

Recorded June 8

  • Debra Pritchett Patterson to Tiffany T. Russell, lot 27 and 28, Pittsylvania County, $4,500.
  • Evelyn Rita Blazer to Duane G. Peters and Carla J. Peters, 7.00 acres, Blairs District, $35,000.
  • Myra Ann Milam, William E. Milam Jr., Shirley Jo Milam Hite, Margaret Milam Sexton, Elizabeth Milam Beggarly and Ann Marie Milam Thackston to David Thomas Rink, 17.89 acres, State Route 659 and 658, Pittsylvania County, $125,000.
  • Kathleen L. Buttil, F. Steven Ashton, Laura I. Ashton (Laura Ashton) to James Edward Thomas and Linda L. Thomas, 2.00 acres, State Route 626 and 953, Pittsylvania County, $415,000.
  • Clarence Turner Jr. to Allison M. Petty, lot 14, section N, Olde Hunting Hills, Pittsylvania County, $165,000.
  • Stone Mill Properties to Stephen W. Tyree Jr., 2.0615 acres, Staunton River District, $102,000.
  • Christine Oakes to Jan M. Barbour, tract 20B, tract 20A and tract 20C, Pittsylvania County, $28,000.
  • Millard Odell Sloan to James Ray Marlow and Christy L. Marlow, lot six, 1.621 acres, Pittsylvania County $14,000.
  • Denise B. Dodd and Deano B. Lacks to Joseph Ryan McCurry and Casey Raine Simpkins, lot E-one, State Route 726, Pittsylvania County, $31,000.
  • Timothy Neal Bliss and Bonnie Meadows Bliss to Timothy Neal Bliss and Bonnie Meadows Bliss, lot A and 2.0 acres, State Route 727, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.
  • Patricia Graham Davis (Patricia G. Davis) to Jason D. Kowalsky and Kristy D. Kowalsky, tract 15, State Route 642, Staunton River District, no money transferred.

Recorded June 9

  • J. Scott Yates and Annette M. Yates to Carlos J. Arenas and Allison N. Arenas, lot 16, 1.018 acres, State Route 750, Pittsylvania County, $15,500.
  • Mark P. Arthur to K and N Properties, 0.524 acre, State Route 672, Callands-Gretna District, $10,000.

Recorded June 10

  • Stephen C. Barksdale to Michael L. Hughes and R. Dave Hughes, tract B three, 2.0 acres, State Route 742, Tunstall District, $63,00.
  • Larry D. Rogers Sr. to Dannie Ray Bowen Jr. and Tammy Rogers Bowen, 106.118 acres, State Route 609, Callands-Gretna District, $200,000.
  • James M. Torrey and Phillip W. Popek to Mark D. Brumfield and Siminne Shahrokhi Duff, lot 37, 0.621 acre, Town of Hurt, $225,000.
  • Earline L. Brown to Michael Ray Brown and Rosa Mae Brown, lot four, 2.00 acres, Riley Farm Road, Pittsylvania County, $4,000.
  • Tony Lee McDaniel, Travis Lee McDaniel and Ryan Lee McDaniel to Harris Land and Timber Co., lot six, 5.27 acres, State Route 640, Pittsylvania County, $6,000.
  • Betty Jo Harris (Betty T. Trent) to David D. Sutherlin and Linda A. Sutherlin, 0.625 acre, Staunton River District, $131,000.
  • Louise D. Hutcherson and Betty Dove Bryant to Edward N. Reynolds and Margaret A. Reynolds, 50.87 acres, Staunton River District, $192,500.
  • W.R. Witcher to John V. Geyer, lots 21, 22 and 23, Staunton River District, $92,000.
  • Molly Davis Russell to Allen R. Fain, new lot A, 3.474 acres, Pittsylvania County, $10,500.
  • Randall M. Dalton (Randall Morris Dalton), Mark R. Dalton (Mark Rodney Dalton), Zachary Gold Dalton and Zoey Alexandra Dalton to Steven G. Opilla, parcel, Callands-Gretna District, $130,000.

Recorded June 11

  • Teresa Compton and Jean W. Compton to Teresa Compton, lot two, 1.97 acres, State Highway 360, Dan River District, no money transferred.
  • Michael Thompson, Cheryl H. Thompson, Udo A. Homuth and Patricia Homuth to Liberty Land Co., lot 51 and 17, Mountain View Shores, Callands-Gretna District, $7,750.
  • William R. McAninch to P&D Properties, tract AZ, 36.825 acres, Elm Road, Pittsylvania County, $66,285.
  • Chad E. Rigney and Amy C. Rigney to Calvin L. Plybon and Juanita C. Plybon, tract 18, Hunting Ridge, Pittsylvania County, $35,000.
  • Nerd Farms to Jeffrey W. Philyaw and Andrea L. Philyaw, 71 acres, State Route 916, Pittsylvania County, $137,000.
  • Steven Michael Staton Jr. to Lewis E. Greene and Theresa S. Greene, lot B, 5.00 acres, Dan River District, $145,000.
  • George David Smith (George D. Smith) to Michael J. Smith Jr., tract B and C, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.
  • Alexander Adam Norris and Anna Alexander to Anna Alexander and Shinique Latoya James, lot 20, section J, Blairmont Acres, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.
  • Alexander Adam Norris and Anna Alexander to Adam Norris Alexander, Anna A. Alexander and Aquyiel Nissi Alexander, lots 22 and 23, section J, Blairmont Acres, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.
  • Alexander Adam Norris and Anna Alexander to Anna Alexander and Shiquan Leshawn Alexander, lots 24 and 25, section J, Blairmont Acres, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.
  • Jeffrey T. Stroud to Randall D. Cook and Curtisha N. Cook, tract A-one, State Route 863, Pittsylvania County, $535,000.
  • Karen Amos Hodnett to D and H Farms, 76.15 acres, Pittsylvania County, $215,000.
  • Dustin H. Pierce to Anthony Wayne Barker, lot 16, Breezewood Farms, Pittsylvania County, $314,600.
  • Countryside Land Co. to Antoine Johnson, lot 52, section two, Sharon Meadows, Pittsylvania County, $9,500.

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