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Dan River Region real estate transfers
Real Estate Transfers

Dan River Region real estate transfers

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City of Danville

Recorded March 25

Forrest K. Adams to Garrett W. Beatty and Celeste A. Beatty, lots six & seven, block A, 1963 Halifax Road, $62,000.

William L. Strader and Debra K. Strader to Darius E. Mobley and Jacqueline Mobley, lot 14, block C, 854 Stokes St., $1,650. 

Recorded March 26

Douglas Lee Dawson to Rebecca Faye Moore Miller, 166.08 feet, partial lot one, 127 Taylor St., no money transferred.

Johnny W. Holt and Rebecca A. Holt to Michael L. Thomas and Aretha J. Thomas, 70 feet, lot nine, section U, 61 Baltimore Ave., $22,000.

Wanda D. Martin (Martin D. Edwards) to Gary W. Garrett, 50 feet, lots 54 & 55, 315 Parkland Drive, $77,000.

Harold Lee Jennings to Robert L. Mann Jr., 80 feet, lot one B, 1223 North Main St., no money transferred.

Katherine J. Emerson and Donna G. Stanley, co-executive, to Gertrude V. Valderrama and Judy A. Emerson, lot 15, section N, 103 Nor Dan Drive, $65,000.

Bradford A. Newton and Crystal A. Newton to Rachael M. Lipscomb, 60.84 feet, lot five, section R, 131 Astor Court, $88,500.

Elizabeth D. Sullivan to Marilyn J. Edwards, partial lots 24-25, section seven, 314 Virginia Ave., $115,000.

Carol M. Merchant, Susan M. Dawson and Katelyn F. Rogers to Genna S. Dickinson, 65 feet, lots 15B, 16A and 16B, 165 Ficklen Ave., $28,000.

Recorded March 27

George Albert Weatherford to George Abbott Weatherford to Jamall Edward Dones, 37.50 feet, partial lot 10, 855 ½ Stokes St., no money transferred.

Otis H. Jarrett and Linda C. Jarrett to Deborah J. Mattox, Cheryl J. Young and Jeffrey S. Jarrett, 60 feet, lot A, 173 Noell Ave., no money transferred.

Recorded March 30

Samuel W. Giles to Walter C. Washington Jr., interest in lot 31A, 138 Milbourne Circle, $18,667.

Randy L. Adams to BKS Seeding Inc., 55 feet, lot two, 154 Hawthorne Drive, $350,000.

BKS Seeding Inc. to Randy L. Adams, lot 11, 126 Beccan Court, $479,000.

DGI Line Inc. to 627 Main, 57.9 feet, lot one, 627 Main St., $193,000.

Minday Warren to Norman D. Campbell, 60 feet, lot 39, 184 Sherwood Drive and Arnett Boulevard, $20,000.

Pittsylvania County

Recorded March 24

Nelson L. Whitt, Robert W. Haley, Kay R. Whitt and Robert W. Haley to Nikki Lynn Cook, lot, State Road 729, Pittsylvania County, $72,500.

Lofton Leasing to W7 Properties, 0.476 acre, State Route 638, Staunton River District, $145,000.

William R. Knick to Matthew D. Bray and Kristen H. Bray, 3.73 acres, State Road 864, Pittsylvania County, $129,900.

Gary R. Short and Jeanette L. Short to Jacob Hunter Short, parcel A, 6.00 acres, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred. 

Recorded March 25

John G. Eggleston Jr. to Paula Charlene Harris, new parcel seven A, Cobblestone Drive, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.

Vanderbelt Mortgage and Finance Inc. to Darlene D. Crow and Ralph V. Crow, new lot, 1.09 acres, Blairs District, $32,500.

Recorded March 26

David Ray Miller and Ruthann Miller to Earl W. Moore and Sarah L. Moore, tract 2892, 1.408 acres, Highway 57 and well lot, Pittsylvania County, $110,000.

Ralph J. Chambers to Emily G. Lawrence and Antionio D. Miller, lots one and three, Pittsylvania County, $74,696.

Mary Hill Payne Land (Mary Hill Land), Lois Payne Spencer, Elizabeth Payne Putney and Elizabeth Payne Putney to Hill View Properties, parcel, Highway 869, lot one, Tunstall District, $274,000.

Leon T. Yeatts and Thelma A. Yeatts to Bradley Thomas Yeatts, 91.77 acres, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.

Sherman L. White and Shannon O. White to Austin White, tract B, 1.117 acres, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.

Steven Cory Jarrell to Dennie D. Deal and Bridget A. Deal, tract one, 2.849 acres, State Road 621, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.

Franklin Edward Austin and Ricky D. Trent to Steven Knichel and Vanessa Knichel, tract three A one, 52.377 acres, Pittsylvania County, $36,000.

Ikea Industry Danville to Poindexter Properties, new lot seven A, 87.038 acres, Pittsylvania County, $20,000,000.

Fay Heim-Kepton, Bruce A. Kempton, Rachael Margaret Heim and Staria Gabriel to Rachael Margaret Heim and Staria Gabrielle, parcel one D, 18.553 acres, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.

Recorded March 27

Starwood Properties to Thomas Scott Mitchell, 20.4 acres, Pittsylvania County, $87,245.

David L. Jones and Carolyn R. Jones to David L. Jones and Carolyn R. Jones, lot six, section one, 0.725 acre, State Road 746, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.

Thompson & Wyatt Inc. to Michael E. Eanes, tract B, 14.203 acres, State Road 841, Pittsylvania County, $24,700.

Shirley Huggins Rhone to Jeffrey D. Lynch and Joclyn R. Lynch, lot two A, section A, Old Hunting Hills, Pittsylvania County, $72,000.

Caroline Marie Divens to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, lot one A, Creekview Lane, Pittsylvania County, $109,265.

Timothy J. Duffer to White Oak Commercial Realty, 19.063 acres, Blairs District, $114,378.

Troy A. Roach to Laurence O. Kufel and Lauren E. Kufel, tract eight, 5.842 acres, State Road 773, Callands-Gretna District, $106,200.

Charles E. Brammer to Sam R. Strahan and Susan W. Strahan, lot one, 0.745 acre, Callands-Gretna District, $565,000.

Recorded March 30

Stanley E. Murphy, Brian Murphy, Cheryl Donison, Judy Riggins, James Edmund Giles and Edith Saunders to Gerald W. Kelly, lot A, B and parcel, State Road 718, Pittsylvania County, $110,000.

Linda A. Davis to Terri S. Rowland and James W. Rowland II, lot 11, State Road 743, Pittsylvania County, $58,300.

Gary D. Carter and Brenda Payne Carter to Gary D. Carter, various parcels and acres, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.

James R. Simmons and Delores H. Simmons to Jackie R. Troup and Gale A. Troup, parcel, State Route 856, Westover District, $140,000.

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