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Dan River Region real estate transfers
Real Estate Transfers

Dan River Region real estate transfers

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City of Danville

Recorded June 14

  • Joseph Lee Dickerson to Alberto R. Vadia, 41.35 feet, lot six, 150 Marshall Terrace, $88,000.
  • Ted Matthews and Bernodeen Matthews to Sollertis Enterprises, lot 11, section D, 2285 Robin Hood Drive, $47,500.
  • Shelia Williams to Danville Redevelopment and Housing Authority and the City of Danville, VA, lot 14, section A, 333 Henry St., $7622.23.
  • Holley Investment to Kirstin Breininger Neira, lots 11-12, Sixth Street and 1706 Glenn St., $22,900.
  • Rodney T. Jones and Melissa A. Jones to Lollie B, LLC, 60 feet, lot 13, 65 Carlson Ave., $58,000.
  • John W. Webster III to Webco Properties, lot one, 102 Sweetbriar Drive and Parker Road, no money transferred.
  • Kathleen Hilt and Rodney Hilt to Averett University of Danville VA (Averett College of Danville VA), parcel one: lots three & D, partial lot two; parcel two: lots A and four B, 419 West Main St., $353,310.
  • John E. Holmes and Natalia Holmes to Joseph David Tucker and EPI Rentals, 70 feet, 614 Worsham St., $19,000.

Recorded June 15

  • Cathy A. Barlow, Byron S. Barlow, Robina Barlow, Garrett V. Ridgley Sr. (Garrett Ridgley), Susie Ridgley, Constance Drew Person, representative of the Estate of Frederick Drew Jr. and Constance D. Drew (Constance Drew) to Cleatis T. Swanson, Dudley Street, no money transferred.

Recorded June 16

  • Kevin Kerns to Larry Lamont Walters, 65 feet, lot 26, 218 Rhodenizer St., $15,000.
  • Clinton M. Compton (guardian) of a person to Mad Chatter Investment Properties, 67.5 feet, lot A, 733 Garland St., $21,200.
  • Jennie Howard-Watson to Whitney Leeann Brumfield, 135.78 feet, lots A, 10-11 and partial lot 12, 18 Dula St., $68,000.
  • Barbara M. Robertson and Raymond B. Robertson to Byron Hash, lots 42 and 43, 1028 Gilbert St., $17,000.

Recorded June 17

  • Rena Mae Greene to Henry Allen Leggett Jr., parcel one: lot one A; parcel two: lot one C, Baldwin Street, $8,000.
  • Frederick B. Lesher Jr. and Ramonda W. Lesher to Martinsville Home Buyers, 110 feet, lot seven, 1432 North Main St., $49,900.
  • Barry J. Shields and Rose M. Shields to Barry J. Shields, partial lot 39, 313 Holbrook St., $1.
  • Randy Willis and Wendy Willis to Douglas Wohlstein and Melissa E. Wohlstein, tract A and B, 123 Clifton St., $259,900.

Pittsylvania County

Recorded June 14

  • Harris Land and Timber Co. to Warama Wellness, lot 12 B, 17.97 acres, State Route 833, Pittsylvania County, $11,403.51.
  • TR Properties Inc. to Wise Investments, parcel, Highway 29, partly Danville City, Blairs District, $2,500,000.
  • Douglas M. Clay and Cheryl R. Clay to Edgar Gamboa and Diana Gamboa, tract 24, 5.747 acres, Callands-Gretna District, $22,000.
  • Mark D. Brumfield to Nicholas S. Fallen and Stephanie A. Rosson, lot seven, block A, 0.512 acre, State Road 109, Town of Hurt, $203,000.
  • Eddie C. Collins Jr. and Tammy Meadows Crider (Tammy M. Collins) to Eddie C. Collins and Teresa Collins, lot 93 and nine C, State Route 836, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.

Recorded June 15

  • Joel Wayne Murphy (Joel Murphy) and Wanda Polkin-Murphy to Cameron Wayne Murphy, 0.93 acre, State Road 730, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.
  • Aubrey S. Tapper to Andrew D. Metz and Alisyn L. Metz, tract one, 14.62 acres, State Road 746, Pittsylvania County, $112,000.
  • Thompson and Wyatt Inc. to Terrell L. Carter, lots seven and 10 and tract A and B, Westover District, $16,000.
  • Gary G. Geiger and Susan E. Geiger to Christopher Lee Swafford and Bonnie Jean Swafford, lot A, 1.370 acres, State Road 689, Pittsylvania County, $60,000.
  • Hildred Clark Shelton and Terri R. Camburides to Gustavos D. Camburides, lot one and lot one A, State Road 745, Pittsylvania County, $76,500.
  • Amy Sha-Ray Corbin (Amy Gibson) to Ambrea Beth Bowling, Fallon Sha-Ray Melton, Berra Rose Davila and Matthew Corbin Gibson, one acre, State Route 642, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.

Recorded June 16

  • Michael L. Hughes to Andrew O. Hughes and Lora H. Hughes, parcel, State Highway 41 and State Road 844, Pittsylvania County, $150,000.
  • Roy C. Barnard Jr. and Deborah V. Barnard to William W. Wilson, lots 120 thru 127 and lots 128 thru 131, Pittsylvania County, $75,000.
  • Larry W. Pippin to Kenneth Mark McKeehan, Cameron M. McKeehan, Cooper M. McKeehan and Cooper M. McKeehan, 47.5 acres, Callands-Gretna District, $92,000.
  • Lawrence Cox and Deborah Cox to James Thurman, lots 24 thru 26 and lots 64-66, Town of Hurt, $140,000.
  • William N. Gaddy III and Karla R. Gaddy to George Daniel Rogers, lot 92V, 2.965 acres, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.
  • Lesa Danelle Moore to Prime Partners Real Estate, parcel one and new parcel B, State Route 761, Staunton River District, $199,000.
  • Frances J. Heintzelman to Thomas S. Murphy and Robin L. Carlson, parcel E, 8.445 acres and 5.00 acres, Pittsylvania County, $147,000.
  • Ronnie N. Evans Jr. and Andrea S. Evans to Dogwood Enterprises, lot D three, 7.81 acres, State Route 718, Pittsylvania County, $231,000.
  • Anthony L. Parker to Michaela E. Parker, lot, 0.297 acre, Town of Gretna, $140,000.
  • Michael Ray Fulp to Russell P. Terry Jr., Kimberly J. Terry, Preston B. Terry and Blair T. Swim, lots 11 and 12, 3.496 acres and 0.945 acre, State Road 655, Pittsylvania County, $32,500.
  • Susan Brown Tryall to Kristy Sue Hazlett and Danielle Marie Dehlberg, lot three, Staunton River Farm, $165,000.
  • Laura P. Johnson (Laura Elizabeth Johnson) and Katherine Leigh Parker to Brantley K. Johnson and Laura P. Johnson, lot three, section B, Windsor Farms, Pittsylvania County, $75,000.

Recorded June 17

  • Dannie R. Adams to Denise J. Miller, 5.690 acres, Staunton River District, $8,000.
  • Simorg South Forests to Etree, Little seven, tract, 242.5 acres, Banister District, $325,000.
  • Vijay Sugar Mahangoe to Avneetvijay Properties, lot 17, 0.64 acre, State Route 719, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.
  • Vijay Sugar Mahungoe to Avneetvijay Properties, lot 16, Franklin Turnpike, Tunstall District, no money transferred.
  • Sarah K. Setliff to John Hauer and Cindy Hauer, lot 52, 10.0 acres, Pittsylvania County, $35,000.
  • Jennie Howard-Watson to Jerry W. Tribby and Linda Stewart Tribby, lot 15, 17.329 acres, State Road 863, Westover District, $34,000.
  • John Anthony Dvorak to James W. Marshall and Helen Sue Marshall, lot 26, Parker tract subdivision, Callands-Gretna District, $22,500.
  • Shad W. Newton and Sandy L. Newton to JEH3, tract two-B, 3.04 acres, State Highway 887, Pittsylvania County, $112,000.
  • Ariella M. Silberman and Richard A. Silberman to Chester W. Simmons and Helen M. Simmons, building II, Phase one, Unit 202 Vista Pointe Condo, Pittsylvania County, $302,000.
  • Jody Dwayne Hedrick to Jonathan K. Hedrick and Virginia M. Hedrick, lot C seven, Pittsylvania County, $80,000.
  • Robert W. Jones Jr. to Jonathan Lee Rice and Sarah Moore Rice, lot 21 and 22, Staunton River District, $139,000.
  • Dana Hundley Shaw (Dana C. Shaw) to Dana Hundley Shaw, tract C, 25.66 1 acres, State Route 710, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.

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