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Dan River Region real estate transfers
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Real Estate Transfers

Dan River Region real estate transfers

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City of Danville

Recorded March 12

  • Dianne C. Whittle to Curtis H. Darnell Jr. and Sandra Kau Darnell, 180 feet, lot 34, 321 Forest Circle, $270,000.
  • Erik Chambers to Evesting, 106.9 feet, lot five, section P, 101 Winfield Place, no money transferred.
  • Sonya J. Robbins to Roger S. Naylon, 50 feet, lots 14 and 15, block B, 143 Forestlawn Drive, $57,000.
  • James B. Buckner to Judy F. Lyles and Gordon L. Lyles, Lynch Street, $59,000.
  • T.R. Properties Inc. to Par 5 Development Group, 4565 Westover Drive, $180,000.
  • Lisa D. Adkins to Jennifer Aaron, 45 feet, lot 95, Clarendon Circle, $82,000.
  • Cecil H. Saunders and Debra L. Saunders to J-Ray Investments, lot B, 1778 Blair Loop Road, $90,800.

Recorded March 15

  • Doris Edwards Waugh to Doris E. Waugh, 50 feet, lots five and six, 551 West Main St., no money transferred.
  • Janet H. Campbell to Janet H. Campbell and Catherine C. Burgess, 0.424 acre, lot 13 and partial lot 14, 461 Maple Lane, no money transferred.
  • Jo Ann W. Morrison to MJM Capital, 100 feet, lots 27-30, 136 Nelson Ave., $50,000.
  • GWIW to MJM Capital, 204 Moffett St., $240,000.
  • Kenneth Morton to Samantha Riggins, lot 18, block H, 632 Doe St., $67,000.
  • Bennett A. Gobble to Bennett A. Gobble and Patricia Bernard Gobble, 65 feet, lot 13, section J., 315 Brooke Drive, no money transferred.
  • Christopher Zachary Vickers (Christopher Z. Vickers) and Steven Russell Vickers (Steven R. Vickers) to Michael A. Nicholas and Courtney E. Nicholas, 0.515 acre, lot one A, section C, 144 Updike Place, $285,000.
  • Baylor Blanchard Private Equity Group to Kreisha Williams, lot 19, section A, 205 Landsdale St., no money transferred.
  • Faye C. McCain to Robert Wayne Barefoot, lot 11 X, section A, Douglas Place, $500.
  • Henry A. Leggett Jr. and Amanda G. Leggett to Michel F. Mercado Alvarez and Ruth Amber Marcado, 100 feet, lot three B, Westover Drive, $25,000.
  • David R. Rice to Meagan Nicole Black, 60 feet, lot four, 9 Dula St., $28,000.
  • Cleatis T. Swanson to David C. Klingensmith, 75 feet, lots 51-53, Seeland Court, $2,500.
  • David Rice to Smithers Enterprises, 100 feet, lots 69-72, 20 Holcombe Ave., $28,000.
  • Justin S. Goodman to Mark T. Winstead and Kelly P. Winstead, 20.75 acres, tract three, Ashlyn Drive, $40,000.
  • Jessie Ann Williams to Rhonda P. Womack and Francisco M. Sanchez, 113 West James St., $7,000.
  • Kacem Liamani to Shahid Aakbar and VA Sovereign Enterprises, 60 feet, lot 16, section E, 63 Ashlawn Drive, $15,000.
  • Tamara H. Hudgins to Mark T. Winstead and Kelly P. Winstead, 1.13 acres, 2834 Westover Drive, $100,000.

Recorded March 16

  • Consuela Alfrezia Hutchins to Clevester Terrell Woods and Malet Denise Woods, 60 feet, lot two, Hamilton Street, $4,000.
  • First Baptist Church of Danville to Danville Redevelopment and Housing Authority, lot two, 1.357 rear, Main Street, no money transferred.
  • Stanley V. Baird to Delvin Granados and Adilian Betina Antunez Solis, Abbott Street and 204 and 206 West James St., $7,000.
  • Carolyn A. Stearne to Patrick Wagstaff, lot 24, 106 Dakota Road, $10,000.
  • William R. Knick to Yakemia Mitchell and Farenia Hearnes, parcel one: 75 feet, lot Z, Sanford St., $7,000.
  • Muhammad Masood to Kawan Koonce, 69.75, partial lot 275 and 278, 1003 Claiborne St., $16,000.
  • Chaz Mason Dunlap to EPI Rentals, 50 feet, lots 114, 116 and 118, 917 Wyllie Ave., $33,000.

Recorded March 17

  • Ira C. Powell Jr. to Larry Oliver, lot nine, Vandola Road, $3,500.
  • Patricia Jamerson to Labrent M. Crews, lot two, 201 Melbourne Circle, $5,000.
  • Denise B. Saunders to T.I.T.L.E. Investments, lot two, section E, 157 Oakwood Circle, $55,000.
  • Industrial Development Authority of Danville, VA to Litehouse Inc., 14.232 acres, tract two A one, 145 Cane Creek Blvd., $18,864,219.32.
  • LPJ & M Inc. to Nicholas R. Preston, lots 14 and 19, 1915 Carter St., $16,800.

Recorded March 18

  • Sherry L. Dixon to Valerie Fitts Shelton, 65 feet, lot 22, 230 Bel Aire Drive, $130,000.
  • Robert L. Chenery and Janis J. Chenery to Robert M. Evelyn, 50 feet, lot 13 and corner, 151 Powell Ave., $52,000.
  • Vestavia Rentals to Garry V. Thomas, lot 19, block nine, 1106 Wyllie Ave., $19,000.
  • Vestavia Rentals to Garry V. Thomas, 60 feet, lot 32 B, 116 Motley Ave., $27,000.
  • Patsy C. Felts to Karen B. Stallard and Marshall C. Stallard, lot 18, section two, 106 Vine Circle, $135,000.
  • Faith Fuller Cody (Faith Cody Warren) to Atkinson Rentals, lot 21, section F, 211 Annhurst Drive, $108,000.

Recorded March 19

  • Quality Real Estate Investments to IWall, 45 feet, lot 100 A, 215 North Ave., $38,000.
  • April M. Eckleberry to Hinton L. Fairley, 89.51 feet, lot 54, section A, 135 Beverley Road, $100,000.
  • L. Kent Pearson to Harold Odell Williams Jr. and Sonia Spraggins Williams, lot 16, 216 Stonegate Way, $345,000.
  • Latasha D. Lea and Daniel A. Woods to Nicholas Piccolo, 815 Claiborne St., $12,000.

Recorded March 22

  • Debra Dodson Leftwich, Kimberly Dodson Thompson and Billy Carroll Dodson to Dennis E. Hopkins, 50 feet, lots seven and eight, 1236 Halifax Road, no money transferred.
  • Jon David Bryant to 2 Hearts Found Home Co. Corp., 56 feet, lot six, section C, 103 Bishop Ave., $45,000.
  • Agnes J. Harris to EPI Rentals, 0.10 acre, 209 Watson St., $12,000.
  • ASG Hotel Group to GWMK Hospitality, 150 feet, lot nine A, 1030 Piney Forest Road, $1,384,000.
  • RNT Hospitality Group to MKWG Hospitality, parcel one: 1.081 acres, lot three-C, 3020 and 3012 Riverside Drive, $2,145,000.
  • Clyde Hassell Dalton Sr. and Rebecca Dalton to Rebecca A. Hassell, lot three and three A, 777 Holland Road, $14,000.
  • Jack Walden, Patricia Walden and Patricia Walden Trucking trading as J&R Trucking Co. to Victor M. Betancourt Diaz and Miriam Y. Flores Hernandez, parcel one: 159.65 feet, lot one X, one Y, 224 Parsons St., $46,000.
  • Jack Walden to Victor M. Betancourt Diaz and Miriam Y. Flores Hernandez, 60.5 feet, lot one B, Parsons Street, $3,000.
  • Jeffrey T. Stroud to Lee Luong Properties, 70 feet, lot two, section T, 45 Fairfield Ave., $45,000.

Pittsylvania County

Recorded March 15

  • Richard Pool to Ronald James Pool, Richard Pool Jr. and Donald Jerome Pool, 1.68 acres, Tunstall District, no money transferred.
  • Steven L. Brown to Amanda L. Perdue, tract 10, 2.487 acres, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.
  • Mary Elizabeth Cote to Colleen Megan McGrath and Jeffrey Robert Burns, lot two, 0.999 acre, State Route 794, Pittsylvania County, $205,000.
  • Joann M. Clark, Alan L. McGregor, Wayne L. McGregor, Lou Hudson McGregor and Lynn F. McGregor to William A. Hopkins, partial lot B, 0.310 acre, State Route 744, Pittsylvania County, $100,000.
  • Kathleen P. Hendricks to Sarah H. Bennett and Paul David Bennett, parcel, State Route 761 and partial parcel seven, Staunton River District, no money transferred.
  • Audrey K. Higgins to Randy L. Bowling Jr., lot 19, 0.823 acre, Town of Hurt, no money transferred.
  • Cakes by Kelsey, Kelsey P. Hairston and Andrew B. Hairston to Sarah Ann Motley, parcel, State Route 649 and 1.444 acres, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.
  • English’s Inc. to Cameron Lee Garvin an Antoinette Ward Garvin, lot 19 and 20, block A, Town of Hurt, $7,000.

Recorded March 16

  • Carol Annette Overton (Carol Annette Brumfield), Michael Overton, Vickie Charlene Shelton and Mark Odell Towler to Mack Odell Towler, 1.01 acres, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.
  • Betty F. Kendrick to Timothy Kendrick, tract four A and tract four B, Callands-Gretna District, no money transferred.
  • Larry L. Hinton to Trudy M. Hinton, lot nine, 10, 11, 12, ½ interest, Pittsylvania County, $160,000.
  • Trudy H. Shields to Larry L. Hinton, lot 20 A, 0.94 acre, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.
  • Trudy M. Hinton (Trudy H. Shields) to Mark L. Hudson and Emilee Hudson, lot 21 and partial lot 20, 13.69 acres, Pittsylvania County, $160,000.
  • Shanika M. Saunders Keen (Shanika M. Saunders) to Tanner Jacob Reed, lot 13, 1.600 acres, State Route 655, Pittsylvania County, $120,000.
  • Sherry E. Johnson and Geoffrey E. Johnson to Geoffrey E. Johnson and Sherry Johnson, lot four, section three, Dogwood West Subdivision, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.
  • Jessie L. McGhee and Robert W. Haley, her conservator, to Greg W. Brook and Crystal L. Huffman, 0.886 acre, Pittsylvania County, $15,500.
  • Twyla R. Price to Elgie Morrison Jeffreys, lot four A and lot three A, State Highway 939, Pittsylvania County, $184,600.
  • Keith O. Covington to John Covington, lot 11, State Road 665, Staunton River District, $52,000.
  • Elizabeth A. Padgett, custodian for Luke C. Padgett, to Lelia A. J. Manchouck, lot nine, Ann Marie Park, State Road 864, Pittsylvania County, $17,000.

Recorded March 17

  • Heather Reynolds McClintic and Holly Nelson-Rodriguez to Michael D. Blackstock, lot one, State Route 631, Staunton River District, $75,000.
  • Aaron Harris and Chanta Harris to Michael D. Blackstock, lot four A, 0.62 acre, State Route 672, Callands-Gretna District, $18,000.
  • Kenneth Dean Worley to Steven Ray Simpson and Cynthia P. Simpson, partial lot four, State Route 764, Callands-Gretna District, $8,000.
  • Ava M. Rigney to Steven L. Rigney, lots 40 and 41, Town of Hurt, 4.20 acres, Staunton River District, no money transferred.
  • Peggy C. Wade to James M.V. Hunt, State Highway 621, Westover District, $5,000.
  • Delores Mitchell Goodwill to Wayne Joseph Goodwill II, lot 10 and partial lot nine, Westover District, no money transferred.

Recorded March 18

  • John Martha Gregory II and Inez Renee Gregory to John Martin Gregory II and Inez Renee Gregory, new lot two, 2.518 acres, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.
  • Thomas Dean Walton to Thomas Dean Walton and Kabrina G. Walton, 1.375 acres, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.
  • James Dale Wilkins and Tammy Lee Wilkins to James Dale Wilkins, lot, 2.383 acres, State Road 966, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.
  • James Dale Wilkins to Emily F. Williams, lot, 2.383 acres, State Road 966, Pittsylvania County, 95,700.
  • NBS Real Estate to James E. Holland and Candice Johnson, lot two B, 1.110 acres, Pittsylvania County, $155,000.
  • Haymes Brothers Inc. to Owen Anderson, lot six, State Road 703, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.
  • Nancy D. Hayes to Omar Zinn, lot 20, Sanctuary Bay, Callands-Gretna District, $210,000.
  • Nadia N. Adams to Lindsay D. Moorefield, lot four, section Y, 0.76 acre, Wyatt Drive, Pittsylvania County, $155,000.
  • Ann O. Boswell (Ann Owen Boswell) to Patrick Ryan Gunter, 0.92 acre, State Route 703, Pittsylvania County, $129,000.
  • McBomar to ETM Jr. Property, parcel two: 19.03 acres, U.S. Highway 58, Pittsylvania County, $246,000.

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