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Dan River Region real estate transfers
Real Estate Transfers

Dan River Region real estate transfers

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City of Danville

Recorded Aug. 10

  • Riley B. Sloan Jr. and Rita Sloan to Jo Ann Wagstaff, Unit four A, Burton Continuum, 522 Bridge St., four A, $187,500.
  • Mary Catherine Harville, Timothy Harville, William G. Dove Jr., Amy D. Scearce and Timothy Scearce to Amy D. Sceare and Timothy Scearce, 4335 Westover Drive, State Road 51, no money transferred.
  • Daniel L. Elmore and Danielle Gunn Elmore to Ruth M. Fuller and Leigh Doss, 69.05 feet, lot 10, section L, 632 Westview Drive, $85,000.
  • JEH3 to Sarah Anne Osborne, 75 feet, lots one thru three, 1214 Westover Drive, $62,900.

Recorded Aug. 11

  • Stuart J. Pearson and Audrey C. Pearson to Brian Woodson and Robin Woodson, 50 feet, lot 12, section one, 216 Mt. Vernon Ave., $225,000.
  • Kingsley O. Ihenyen to Adam B. King and Kelly M. King, 50 feet, lot 28 214 Broad St., $112,000.
  • Michelle Bella Hubbard to Michelle Bella Hubbard and Joshua Stephen Hubbard, parcel one: 50 feet, lots 10-11, block six; parcel two: 50 feet, lot 12, block six; 424 Bryant Ave., no money transferred.
  • Rick Comar (Richard Comar) to BAPS Properties, 321 Dudley St., $192,000.
  • D and H Farms to BAPS Properties, 21 Dallas Ave., $140,000.
  • Trevor M. Caldwell and Marita G. Caldwell to Val-Rae D. Lindenau, 47.5 feet, lot seven, block A, 332 Virginia Ave., $55,000.
  • U.S. Bank Trust National Association to Tarek Hassan and Souhir Hassan, 60 feet, lot four, section one, 331 Summit Road, $75,110.
  • Judy Sarhan (Judy B. Neighbors) to Neighorly Estates, 99.62 feet, lots 20-21 ad A three, $39,000.

Recorded Aug. 13

  • H&M. Rental Properties of Danville to MJM Capital, lot six, 712 Edwin Court, $99,900.
  • Thomas R. Lefebvre and Donna Darlene Lefebvre to Lindsey N. Sigmon, 70 feet, lot nine, section T, 73 Fairfield Ave., $73,500.
  • Mark P. Dishman to Michael E. Ford and Waiyen Chin, lots three, four, block C, 161 Westhaven Drive, $490,000.
  • Dishman Developers Incorporated to Michael E. Ford and Waiyen Chin, lot two, block C, Westhaven Drive, $32,000.

Pittsylvania County

Recorded Aug. 9

  • Judy S. Poindexter and Sue S. Crews to Jasmine Carol Vaughan, 2.79 acres and parcel, State Highway 40, Pittsylvania County, $165,000.
  • Jamee Stuart Bailess and Michael Ryan Bailess to Ethan Thomas Adams Bailess, tract nine, State Road 638, Staunton River District, $180,000.
  • Beverly Jean Watson to Jennifer C. Erickson, parcel, Peach Street, Town of Chatham, $179,000.
  • Elaine M. Berger to Stephanie Berger Miller and Julian Shaunta Miller, parcel B, 1.560 acres, Callands-Gretna District, no money transferred.
  • Ashley B. Purnell to Barry Wayne Hendley Jr. and Crystal Bates Hendley, lot six A, section E, Ridge Road, ½ interest, Pittsylvania County, $73,550.
  • Crystal B. Hendley to Barry Wayne Hendley Jr. and Crystal Bates Hendley, lot six A, section E, Ridge Road, ½ interest, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.
  • Deborah Gauldin Brumfield, Teresa Gauldin Baise, Homer Lindsey Gauldin Jr. and Linda Gauldin Austin to Jimmy Dawson, 0.813 acre, State Route 844, Pittsylvania County, $135,000.

Recorded Aug. 10

  • Barry Wayne Speck to Keith Alexander Speck II and Samantha Christine Speck, lot one, Life Estate and Remainder, Pittsylvania County, $15,000.
  • E&E of Virginia to Jimmy T. Eades IV, 1.085 acres, Staunton River District, $50,000.
  • Kay S. Grinnell (Ella Kathlyn Smith Grinnell) to William Bernat and Nancy Bernat, lot 12, 1.249 acres, State Route 790, Pittsylvania County, $90,000.
  • Eastern Panel Realty to Pittsylvania County School Board, lots two A-A, six A, one and six B, Town of Chatham, $325,000.
  • Harris Alan Silverman to Edward Keith Barksdale and Karen Overby Barksdale, lot A-one, 3.820 acres, State Road 713, Pittsylvania County, $180,000.
  • Duane G. Peters to Victoria M. Shorter, tract 20B, 18.974 acres, State Road 701, Pittsylvania County, $352,000.
  • Thomas Langston Fowler II, Jeanne D. Fowler , Barry Alan Fowler, Melody Wells Fowler, Starlette Fowler Early and Alan Charles Early to Thomas L. Fowler II and Jeanne D. Fowler, parcel, Highway 41, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.
  • Alice Ann Crowl to Thomas R. Lefebvre, lot eight A, 2.68 acres, State Road 912, Pittsylvania County, $207,500.
  • Inna W. Carter to Roger Dale Isom II and Kimberly Yates Isom, tract six, seven and 12, Pittsylvania County, $295,000.
  • Joan A. Ragans and Elizabeth A. Keesee to Pinewood Properties, lots 26 thru 29, tract 30, State Highway 655, Pittsylvania County, $300,000.
  • Edward Jones Trust Co. to Albert G. Hammers, tract D, 77.650 acres, State Road 813, Pittsylvania County, $164,900.

Recorded Aug. 11

  • Tammy Jones Setliff McClanahan, Ronald Eugene Setliff II, and Kimberly Ann Setliff Coder to Jordan H. Shelton, lot 43, section E, April Lane, $175,000.
  • Peggy M. Dawson to MTGLQ Investors, parcel O, 1.06 acres, $35,741.50.
  • American National Bank & Trust Co. to Double W. Holdings, various parcels, Pittsylvania County, $720,000.
  • Donald C. Andrews and Lori A. Andrews to JEH3, parcel, State Route 877, Pittsylvania County, $82,000.
  • Nathan K. Jones and Lisa S. Jones to Nicole Leigh Morris, lot two, Pittsylvania County, $134,000.
  • James C. Slaughter III to James Scott Slaughter, lot two, 0.795 acre, 0.710 acre, lot three, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.
  • James C. Slaughter III to Joyce A. Scott, lot four A, 0.986 acre, State Route 694, Pittsylvania County, $100,000.
  • James C. Slaughter III to Joyce A. Scott, partial lot five A, State Road 694, Pittsylvania County, $1.
  • Jeffrey N. Ashworth (Jeffrey Neal Ashworth), Cynthia A. Elgin and Gayle A. Wright to Richard Allan Easley and Susie Burnett Easley, Vista Pointe Condo Unit 217, Pittsylvania County, $380,000.
  • Annie M. Elmore to Marissa Witcher, lot six, 0.919 acre, Carefree Lane, Dan River District, $64,000.
  • John E. Hauser Jr. to David L. Gibbs and Melinda Sue Bailey Gibbs, lots 26 thru 32, State Road 1142, Pittsylvania County, $145,000.

Recorded Aug. 12

  • URW Community Federal Credit Union to Melissa Minter, lot six, 1.242 acres, Pittsylvania County, $75,000.
  • Dry Branch Creek Farm to Virginia Electric and Power Co., parcel, Pittsylvania County, $6,930.
  • Joel E. Shelton and Stuart W. Shelton to Tony Lee Meadows, lot four Highway 761, Town of Gretna, $18,000.
  • Deborah Laureen Tribble by Dorothy Salomonsky of Jewish Family Service of Tidewater Incorporated Conservator, lot two A, 1.596 acres, Pittsylvania County, $10,000.

Recorded Aug. 13

  • Charles Z. Edwards and Cassidy C. Edwards to Ashley N. Miller, lot 11, 12 and 12-A, Pittsylvania County, $149,000.
  • Kyle Bradley Moore to Derek L. Griffin, lot A, 1.129 acres, State Road 862, Pittsylvania County, $207,000.
  • Vickie L. Jones to Alexandra Holly Jones, lot four, block three, section two, Magnolia Acres Subdivision, Tunstall District, no money transferred.
  • Diane C. Miller to William Rudolph Barber Jr. and Jennifer Newton Barber, parcel one, 188.35 acres, State Route 649, Chatham District, $415,000.
  • Adam Stephenson and Jennifer Stephenson to Connell Radcliff and Deborah Radcliff, lot two A, section two, partly Franklin County, Pittsylvania County, $750,000.
  • Cecil T. Jones to Joseph A. Ringuette, lot 17, State Route 745 and lot 18, State Route 702, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.
  • Michael Edwards Parrish and Annette Herndon Parrish to David Richard Parrish, lot 19, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.
  • Donald Lee Bingham and Barbara Barker Bingham to Justin N. Hastings and Jeri Gwynn T. DeMott, lot A, and B, Pittsylvania County, $388,950. 


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