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Dan River Region real estate transfers
Real Estate Transfers

Dan River Region real estate transfers

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City of Danville

Recorded Aug. 30

  • Thelma Smith Ford (Thelma Lee Smith) to Tammy Hubbard Wimbish, 1/3 interest, parcel 20, block R, 424 Poplar St., no money transferred.
  • Hopkins Investments to Jessica Blair Collins and Chadwick W. Haney, parcel one: lot one, section G, 315 Starmont Drive; parcel two: Elon Place, $145,000.
  • Sara L. Bass to Citizens Bank, 0.177 acre, lot two A, 242 Lipton Lane, $69,300.
  • Stephen D. McCarty and Shelby L. McCarty to Ryland Brothers, 50.02 feet, lots 30-31, 278 and 280 Howeland Circle, $172,000.
  • Hardy Creek Holdings (Hardy Creek Holding) to Megan Gould and Steven Patrick Gould, 50 feet, lot 15, section G, 310 Westhampton Ave., $122,500.
  • Frank M. Shields to Nicholas Preston, parcel one: Unit 340, Building five, Phase II, Cabin Creek; parcel two: Unit 201 B, Building nine, Phase one, Cabin Creek, 340 Seminole Trail, $60,000.
  • Ariel Kingdom Holdings 12 to Martin West, 50 feet, partial lot 52, 896 Monroe St., $24,000.

Recorded Aug. 31

  • Keith Wayne Peters and Rachel Lewis Peters to Hannah Milynda Peters, parcel one: 100 feet, lots one-four; parcel two: 25 feet, lot 49, 1102 Westover Drive, no money transferred.
  • American National Bank and Trust to Billy T. Parrish and Linda Parrish, lot 10, section B, Allwood Court, $16,000.
  • Grace Lekwuwa to Cullen Conrad Cooke and Kordel T. Carter, 78.58 feet, lot three, 381 Wendell Scott Drive, $85,000.
  • Barbara Richter Clark to Brian Browning and Sharon Browning, 49.97 feet, lot five B, 109 Hawthorne Drive, $115,000.
  • Robert Lynn Bryant and Charissee Jones Bryant to Hampton Wilkins, Catherine W. Shelton and Robert J. Johnston Jr., 90 feet, lot 21, section B, 241 Southland Drive, $70,000.
  • Michael James Charmello, Clara Maria Charmello, Michele Renee Charmello and Lisa Dannielle Charmello to Charles O. Duncan, 100 feet, State Road 1117, lots eight-11, 1576 Fulton Heights, $55,000.
  • Chad Shields and Whitney Caroline Shields to Henry Douglas Plachcinski, lot 14, section four, 236 Parkview Place, $201,000.
  • Wells Fargo Bank to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 35 feet, lots 14-15, block C, 330 Marshall Terrace, $1.00
  • Anthony Jamar Lovelace to Abigail-Lovelace, 70 feet, lot six, section I, 408 Swain Drive, no money transferred.
  • Frances W. Glasgow to David McKaig and Kristi M. Gilliam, lot 20, section A, 304 Hanley Circle, $199,900.
  • Wilfred P. Lawrence and Theresa C. Lawrence to Richard Cardenas, 75 feet, lot six, 215 Parkview Place, $259,000.
  • Jessie M. Brandon and Callie P. Brandon to Sacfino, 50 feet, lot 10, block six, 822 Riverview St., $22,000.
  • Joyce Trinity to Shelia Elizabeth Earles and Kevin Glenn Earles, lot V, Sanford Street and 146 Mitchell St., $135,000.
  • Rachel G. Bowen to Tanner Matthew Hunt and Noah Lee Pruitt, 0.278 acre, lot 60, 429 Norwood Drive, $77,000.

Recorded Sept. 1

  • Evesting to Donald Andrew Ferguson and Kristie Rae Williams, 106.9 feet, 101 Winfield Place and lot five, section P, Rosemary Lane, $156,000.
  • Linda Crane, Charles William Davis II and D’Ann Colenada to Anna Kautzman and Charles W. Davis, lot 11, 355 Surrey Lane, $143,000.
  • Philip Alan Broadfoot and Wendy Atkins Broadfoot to Dustin H. Pierce, lot 28, 149 Stonegate Way, $455,900.
  • Leo Thomas Tickle to Adrian L. Davis, 74.83 feet, lot 35, section B, 113 Hazelwood Court, $141,000.
  • Clyde Danson Raines, Johnny Ray Raines and Michael Wayne Raines to Catherine Dumas, 48.59 feet, lot 12, section A, 116 Stanley Court, $68,000.
  • Nadeem Hassan and Sabira Fareed to Gwynn Properties, partial lot 22, 319 Church St., $17,805.
  • Brenda Denise Bennett to Kelvin Murphy, 50 feet, 808 Clay St., $13,500.
  • Gary Thomas Gill, Brenda Gill Barnes and Brenda Gill Barnes to Quinn Properties, parcel one: 70 feet, lot two, section M; parcel two: three feet, lot one A, 112 Layton Ave., $60,000.
  • Theron Bennett Leggett and Courtney Cook Leggett to Daren A. Hall and Christy L. Hall, lot 16 and partial lot 15, section D, 232 Preston Place, $340,000.
  • Rosa Motley Wilson to Tony Anthony Wilson, 70 feet, lot 33, 1509 Washington St., no money transferred.
  • James A. Goodman to Skyler Mack, lots 20-21, 705 Indian Valley Road, $35,000.
  • Faye Strader Morris to Tommy L. Goforth, lot nine, section L, 131 Knollwood Terrace, $52,000.

Recorded Sept. 2

  • Steven D. Chestnut and Bonita Chestnut to Steven D. Chestnut and Bonita Chestnut, lot 18-B, section J, 623 Vicar Road, no money transferred.
  • Susan E. Boggs Bradley (Susan E. Boggs) to Barry Wilson Robertson and Leniecia M. Robertson, 70 feet, lot three, section A, 125 Robin Drive, $90,000.
  • Bobby R. Massey and Carolyn Massey to John H. Peralta Perez, 50 feet, 302 Kemper Road, $64,000.
  • John A. Pulley to GUD Enterprises, 65 feet, lot two, section D, 112 Bishop Ave., $70,000.
  • Laverne H. Robinette (Mae Laverne Hudgins Robinette) and Steven V. Robinette to GUO Enterprises, 75 feet, lot 29, 131 Chatham Court, $92,900.
  • Bird to Nakila K. Brooks, 69.85 feet, lot 11, section A, 118 Bel Aire Drive, $130,600.
  • Kevin R. Keys and Angela M. Keys to Atkinson Rentals, parcel one: lots 16-22, block C; parcel two: 25 feet, lot 15, block C, 173 Linden Drive, $369,429.09.

Pittsylvania County

Recorded Aug. 31

  • Ramsey W. Yeatts and Becky C. Yeatts to Amy P. Hornaday and John W. Hornaday Jr., lot 12, 0.841 acre, Pittsylvania County, $340,000.
  • Maxwell L. Thomason Jr. and Beverly G. Thomason to L. Blaine Thomason, lot 30, section A, ½ interest, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.
  • JEH3 to Mauneshia Y. Myers, partial tract two B, State Route 887, Pittsylvania County, $189,000.
  • Stephanie Jagoda to Betty Moticka, tract D, 13.690 acres, Pittsylvania County, $175,000.
  • Daniel Lee Wingfield to Richard B. Hughes and Myra T. Hughes, 1.944 acres, 3.303 acres, 2.753 acres and 2.00 acres, Pittsylvania County, $20,000.
  • Paul D. Melton and Carol H. Melton to Ramsey W. Yeatts and Becky C. Yeatts, lot 11, section C, Bridgewood Drive, Tunstall District, $529,000.
  • Audrey S. Hankins to Ashley L. Bowman, lot one, 3.00 acres, State Route 711, Pittsylvania County, $250,000.
  • Terrancy A. Carter to Chastiana Zaiverra Smith, lot, Watkins Road, Pittsylvania County, $10,000.
  • Kristy Harris, Peggy M. Wagstaff, Daryl W. Mills and Shirley Doss Mills to F.C. Holdings, 0.35 acre and tract six, Pittsylvania County, $30,000.
  • Jessie L. McGhee through Robert W. Haley to Janice R. Hammell, 0.886 acre, Pittsylvania County, $47,900.
  • Kimberly H. Fowlkes to Derek Shaunte Waller and Talitha Milles Phillips, lot R, 1.033 acres, State Route 662, Pittsylvania County, $180,000.
  • Robert Travis Johnson and Shannon R. Johnson to Robert Travis Johnson, lot E, 17.273 acres, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.

Recorded Sept. 1

  • Blake W. Athey and Annie Sue Athey to Blake W. Athey Jr., lots 24 and 23 thru 28, Splendors Gate Road, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.
  • Robert A. Slayton to Harris Land and Timber Co., 20 acres, Staunton River District, $15,500.
  • Wayne Clardy to Joseph Flynn, 4.16 acres, tract one, State Route 820, Pittsylvania County, $225,000.
  • Robert M. Flippen and Deborah C. Flippen to Richard Altamirano, lot 12 B and 13 B, Sate Road 853, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.
  • Mark K. Kidd, Priscilla C. Kidd and Helen Marie Kidd to Mark K. Kidd and Priscilla C. Kidd, lot one, Town of Hurt, no money transferred.
  • Charles W. Turner to CMH Homes Inc., 50.133 acres, Tunstall District, $95,000.
  • Gregory B. Myers to Bethany L. Kane, lot three, 30.49 acres, Pittsylvania County, $130,000.
  • Jackie Ray Atkinson Jr. to Atkinson Commercial Properties, 13.171 acres, Chatham District, no money transferred.
  • CMD Holdings to DVA Holdings, parcel, Hurt Street, Town of Chatham, $1,250,000.
  • Kati E. Hall (Kati E. Howard) to Leward Barker Sr., lot four, 0.82 acre, State Route 734, Pittsylvania County, $335,000.

Recorded Sept. 2

  • Tosha W. Byrd to Robert W. Byrd Jr., lot 45, State Road 726, ½ interest, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.
  • Robert W. Byrd Jr. to Patrick Morgan Thrift and Christine Renea Thrift, lot 45, State Road 726, Pittsylvania County, $265,000.
  • Chariece Berry and Sharay P. Carrington to Edwina Whipple and Jamika Bowen, lots 25, 26 and 27, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.
  • Coy E. Harville and Jean D. Harville to John Thomas Evans III and Ann Sasser Evans, tract eight, 11C, six-B and partial tract six-A, Pittsylvania County, $45,000.

Recorded Sept. 3

  • Donna Farmer Hall to Tomia M. Taylor, 0.538 acre, Staunton River District, $180,000.
  • Nick Nelson to Tyeisha S. Goard, lot one, State Highway 29, Chatham District, $79,000.
  • James Dickie Barbour to Countryside Grocery and Grill, parcel, State Highway 57, Pittsylvania County, $175,000.
  • M&E Real Estate to William Drake Easley, tract one and Parcel B, Pittsylvania County, $392,800.


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