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Dan River Region real estate transfers
Real Estate Transfers

Dan River Region real estate transfers

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City of Danville

Recorded June 28

  • Agustin Vazquez-Escobar (Agustin Vasquez-Escobar) and Maria Loisa Uzarraga Luna to Maria Luisa Uzarraga Luna, 63.9 feet, lot ne, 1588 Fulton Heights Road, no money transferred.
  • Nan H. Robillard (Nan H. Muncy) to M. Development, 50 feet, lot four, section nine, 308 Montague St., $70,000.
  • Stephanie Renee Palmer to Donald Thompson, 75 feet, lots six-eight, 1116 Lamar St., no money transferred.
  • George A. Armstrong to Nexus Realty, lot four, 1456 North Main St., $13,000.
  • Wilson Lee Farley to Alvester E. Coleman and Brandi J. Coleman, 75 feet, lot three, section E, 450, Brooke Drive, $101,000.

Recorded June 29

  • Nhieu Thi Ngo and Binh Van Nguyen to Tuan Vo and Hanh Nguyen, 80.39 feet, lot six, section B, 409 South Woodberry Ave., $36,400.
  • Brian Jones Motorsports Incorporate to Tuyet Anh Nguyen and Dai Quoc Nguyen, lot 27, section M, 258 Arnett Blvd., $78,000.
  • Dorothy Browder Davis (Dorothy B. Davis) and Cynthia D. Scearce to Courtney A. Edmunds, lot 26, section K, 701 Brightwell Drive, $150,000.
  • C-Peralta Home Improvement to Tykwuan Walker and Sheree Walker, 60 feet, lot 25, section C, 209 Greenwich Circle, $145,000.
  • Anthony Kirk Bailey and Towanna Cherie Rogers to Towanna Cherie Rogers, 60 feet, lot 13, block one, 326 Sycamore St., no money transferred.
  • Michael T. Nowlin and Betty Koger Nowlin to Michael T. Nowlin and Michael Terry Nowlin Jr., parcel one: 1.08 acres; parcel two: partial lot six, section three; Ingram Road.

Recorded June 30

  • KGK of Virginia to 2JD, 52 feet, lot four, 226 Randolph St., $92,000.
  • Tammy L. Anderson to Abida Chaudhry and Asthma Rani, 49.97 feet, lot 12, 147 Powell Ave., $35,800.
  • Aster Realty Incorporated to Fred B. Leggett III and Rena J. Leggett, lot three A, 247 Randolph St., $97,000.
  • Sabrina A. Harmon and Douglas Van Nuys and Cassie Van Nuys, lots one A and two A, 219 Primrose Place, $180,000.
  • Phillip A. Hynes and Frances E. Hynes to Randy Layne Gibson Jr. and Hannah Nichole Reed, lot 14 A, section C, 303 Sandy River Drive and Wilson Road, $173,000.
  • Piedmont Lands of Virginia to Daniel W. Marshall III, parcel one: 1.065 acres, Goodyear Boulevard; parcel two: 0.393 acre, Goodyear Boulevard, $10,400.
  • Piedmont Precision Machine Co. Incorporated to Daniel W. Marshall III, 99.98 feet, lot A, Goodyear Blvd., $6,100.
  • Ursula F. Abercrombie to Rickey Lee Manley, 100 feet, lot two, section O, Mowbray Arch, $5,000.
  • Horace Lee Foster to Dan Earles, 276.81 feet, lots 13-18 and partial lot 19, block E, 311 Elm St., $25,000.
  • Nicholas Piccolo to ABLI Investment, 815 Claiborne St., $25,000.
  • Nicholas Piccolo to ABLI Investment, 68.2 feet, partial lots 11-12, 311 West James St., $25,000.
  • EPI Realty to Furbo Investments, 50 feet, partial lots 114, 116, 118, 917 Wyllie Ave., no money transferred.
  • Furbo Investments to ABLI Investments, 50 feet, partial lots 114, 116, 118, 917 Wyllie Ave., $70,000.

Recorded July 1

  • James A. Goodman to Holiday Properties, partial lot 21, 692 Indian Valley Road, $5,000.
  • AMD Investors to Gulf Coast Bank, lot 25A, 1.559 acres, 3215 Riverside Drive, $160,000.
  • Sarah Johnson Compton to Martha J. Hopkins, lot 28, section C, 465 Berkshire Drive, $240,000.
  • Roberta L. Burton and Kimberly McAboy Aldrich to Big Time Rentals, lot 25, section B, 123 Wilton Ave., $150,000.
  • Dallas R. Swiney and Mary Catherine Swiney to Brenda M. Jackson, lot 16, section A, 402 Rosemary Lane and Grandin Court, $60,000.
  • Stuart W. Taylor to Westover Investments, tract A and B, Vandola Road, $460,000.
  • The Sheldon Baptist Church, Pelham, North Carolina to Tatamika Mayo, lot one, 103 Withers Circle and Withers Road, $85,000.
  • RWA Investments to Boisseau Harris Jr. and La’Kiska D. Harris, lot 157 C, 856 Luna Lake Road, $89,000.
  • Deborah Satterwhite to Emma Olivarris and Armando Rivera, lot 27 B, 407 Industrial Ave., $23,000.
  • Furbo Investments to Nickolas Preston, 314 Gray St., $16,750.
  • Martha J. Hopkins to Marvin U. Hopkins, ½ interest, 69.28 feet, lot six, section A, 202 Searcy St., no money transferred.

Pittsylvania County

Recorded June 28

  • Countryside Land Co. to Tyrondell Taylor, lot 22, 3.364 acres, Staunton River District, $2,500.
  • John N. Gordon IV and Tiffany N. Gordon to Jeremy Todd Harris, 1.59 acres, Staunton River District, $140,500.
  • Ann Crawford Smith to Gary F. Gray and Cheryl Ann Gray, tract 13, section I, Chestnut Ridge, Pittsylvania County, $132,500.
  • James A. Bowman to Marcie E. Thomas, tract B-six, 1.391 acres, Pittsylvania County, $9,500.
  • Joel P. Sechrist to Steven L. Gordon and Cherie M. Gordon, parcel, State Route 626, Callands-Gretna District, $180,000.
  • Jason A. Grey to Daniel Debs Fuller and Donna G. Fuller, tract two, 20.4211 acres, State Route 872, Pittsylvania County, $370,000.
  • John A. Martin and Lotita S. Martin to Harry Bernard Parks, 1.36 acres, State Route 612, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.
  • Mary Ellen Scearce (Mary Childress Scearce), John B. Scearce II and Cassandra Lee Scearce to John B. Scearce II, 13.847 acres and 0.913 acre, State Route 868, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.
  • Antoinette Betty Swart and Mark W. Swart to Ernest Merchant and Shelton Investments, lot five, Holly Berry Drive, Pittsylvania County, $155,000.
  • Harris Land Buyers and Timber Co. d/b/a Country Land Buyers to Roselle Monroe Limited Liability Co., tract two, 11.238 acres and lot 27, State Route 750, Pittsylvania County, $20,999.
  • Julia W. Garrett to Daniel H. McLaughlin and Dwayne McLaughlin, lot 25 thru 27 Kentuck Road, Pittsylvania County, $17,000.
  • Randell D. Ritch and Tammy Ritch to James F. Durham Jr., tract five A one, 2.497 acres, State Route 878, Tunstall District, $348,000.

Recorded June 29

  • Andrew W. Apple to PS374, LLC, tract 22A, 26.018 acres, Faith Cove Drive, Pittsylvania County, $565,000.
  • Langhorne Jones Jr. and Ruth S. Jones to Elizabeth Jones Mullis, 3.529 acres, State Route 57, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.
  • Larry Dean Collie and Virginia Martin Collie to Bradley Dean Collie and Martin Blake Collie, parcel, tract A three and tract B, State Route 726, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.
  • Shelby Wayne Anderson (S. Wayne Anderson) and Susan Blair Anderson to Brian W. Anderson, parcel, Callands-Gretna District, no money transferred.
  • Sunshine Partnership Incorporated to Curtis Kirkhoff and Lily Kirkhoff, lot four, 1.150 acres, Callands-Gretna District, $259,900.
  • Mohammad Mehrani to NBS Real Estate, parcel, State Road 640, Pittsylvania County, $60,000.
  • Ronsam Investments to Stephen Louis Eichhorn, lot four, 1.120 acres, State Road 360, Blairs District, $18,500.
  • Sherman T. Dawson to Thiago Flamme and Shenna Depaula, lot 11, block A, Town of Hurt, $175,000.
  • Nancy Henderson Lobbregt to Robert W. Majure and Katherine M. Majure, 1.723 acres, Pittsylvania County.
  • Jason Jay Woods and Megan M. Woods to Stephen Winters and Joyce Cassell, lot nine A, 1.60 acres, Green Acres II Subdivision, Pittsylvania County, $184,900.
  • Jackie Ray Atkinson Jr. and Sharon S. Atkins to David M. Francis and Brittany B. Francis, lot two, section A, Bridge-Wood, Pittsylvania County, $489,000.
  • Rachel M. Shelton to Admun Mackey and Brenda Mackey, lot 43, Staunton River District, $160,000.
  • Phyllis Adkins to Amanda Simpson, lot two, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.
  • GDR Renovations to Antoiniece Jordan, lot B, 1.05 acres, Callands District, $185,800.
  • Julia W. Garrett (Julia P. Garrett) to Daniel H. McLaughlin, Matida J. McLaughlin and Derrick M. McLaughlin, lots 28 thru 30, Kentuck Road, Pittsylvania County, $40,000.
  • Kyle Tyler Swim to Kyle Tyler Swim and Blair Terry Swim, parcel B one, 0.511 acre, Bunker Lane, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.
  • Hurt Partner to Staunton River Regional Industrial Facility Authority, new lot two A, 19.623 acres, Town of Hurt, $304,096.45.
  • Staunton River Regional Industrial Facility Authority to Industrial Development Authority of Pittsylvania County, VA, new lot two A, 19.623 acres, Town of Hurt, no money transferred.

Recorded June 30

  • Martha Kirby Turner (Martha Sue Turner) and Curtis O. Turner to Martha Kirby Turner, Curtis O. Turner, Ann Nicole Kirks and Gary Dwayne Kirks, lot 13-A, section three, Ridgecrest, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.
  • Michael Phelps and Vickie Phelps to James Harold Clark Jr. and Kimberly Clark Scarvoro, lots two and three, section C and 9.86 acres, Pittsylvania County, $12,000.
  • Leonard A. Daniel to Lisa G. Daniel, lot seven, 0.55 acre, Pittsylvania County, $1,000.
  • Phyllis R. Giles and Courtland D. Baker to Jackson K. Farrar and Kimberly H. Farrar, lot 64, block C, Leah Court, Tunstall District, $210,000.
  • Minorn Hayes and Donna Lynn Hayes to Donna Lynn Hayes, lot A two, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.
  • Larry Thomas Farthing and Patricia F. Farthing to Larry Thomas Farthing and Patricia F. Farthing, lot three, State Highway 718, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.
  • William Thomas Moore III and Jerrica L. Moore to Randall Fisher and Elaine Fisher, tract 15, 5.023 acres, Pittsylvania County, $216,000.
  • Iris Gail Haskins Lovelace (Gail H. Lovelace) and Joseph W. Lovelace to Wendy Gail Lovelace, Shelly Jo Lovelace Keatts and Joseph W. Lovelace, Orchard Place, Upper Place and Cocke Farm, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.

Recorded July 1

  • Caleb Anderson Haymes to Fenton George Hardy, new lot five, 5.365 acres, Pittsylvania County, $156,700.
  • James Henry Bolling Jr. to Kayley C. Hipp, lot 30 A, 1.249 acres, State Road 1302, Pittsylvania County, $116,000.
  • Robert W. Dodson and Barbara H. Dodson to Russ Edward Dodson, lot four A, 2.523 acres, Dan River District, no money transferred.
  • Robert W. Dodson and Barbara H. Dodson to Sandra Dodson Lucas, lot four B, 1.517 acres, Dan River District, no money transferred.
  • Robert W. Dodson and Barbara H. Dodson to Gerald Alan Dodson, lot four D, 1.849 acres, Dan River District, no money transferred.
  • Robert W. Dodson and Barbara H. Dodson to Robert W. Dodson Jr., lot four C, 1.164 acres, Dan River District, no money transferred.
  • Vista Lake Limited Partnership to Matthew Burkhardt and Felicia Burkhardt, new lot E one, 2.123 acres, Staunton River District, no money transferred.
  • David R. Mehalko to Michael R. Wells and Dana H. Wells, tract two, 34.160 acres, State Road 750, Pittsylvania County, $55,000.
  • Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Calber Home Loan Incorporated, parcel, Tunstall District, no money transferred.
  • Richard V. Carlton to Robert A. Miller and Ashley Lynne Miller, lot seven, 67.72 acres, State Highway 62, Pittsylvania County, $295,000.
  • Donna D. Burch (Donna Arlene Dorfler Burch) to Jushua R. Brumfield and Chiara C. Brumfield, 13.6 acres, Pittsylvania County, $130,000.
  • Evan M. Simmons-Miller and Emily Simmons-Miller (Emily M. Jordan) to Caleb W. Shelton, lot 10, State Road 726, Pittsylvania County, $99,000.
  • Aaron Parrish Byrd to John R. Brunner and Felice F. Brunner, 106.911 acres, and 55.240 acres, Pittsylvania County, $450,000. 


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