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    Kelli and Michael Paul continue their conversation with Marland Buckner who shares his first-hand experience with the monument removal and civil unrest in Richmond in 2020 and since. Marland lived across the street from the Jefferson Davis monument, until its removal, which was ground-zero of 2020 civil protests in Richmond. Additionally, Marland was the interim Executive Director of the Black History Museum, which has taken possession of Richmond's Confederate monuments since their removal.

      While most of the public and media attention the past two years has been focused on high prices and inflation, these issues take second place over the public’s top concern, which is big government, according to a new Gallup poll. Concern over the uncontrolled southern border is in third position.

      Groomers, they shout. Freaks. Pedophiles. The names and slurs are familiar. Their intent? To demean and belittle, to intimidate and threaten. The implications are unmistakable: People who identify as LGBTQ aren’t entitled to share the same spaces as other Americans. They don’t deserve the same legal protections. They shouldn’t exist. Far from being at the margins of our national political ...

      Politicians often hold their noses to cut deals with people they wouldn’t normally speak with in order to advance their agenda, or their own political futures. The question each politician must ask is: How much nose-holding can I tolerate before I have to open a window and catch a breath of fresh air?


      Content by Salem Tourism. For pickers and antiques aficionados, everything old is new again, and there’s certainly plenty of charming territory to explore in the welcoming town of Salem on the northwest outskirts of Roanoke, Virginia.

      I am writing to thank Danville​​-area residents for sharing the true meaning of Christmas with children in need this past holiday season.

      The Pittsylvania County Board of Supervisors is providing $11 million to increase internet availability in the county.

      Recently, state Sen. Frank Ruff wrote a piece suggesting that I failed to recruit Apple to come to Mecklenburg County when I was governor. Let me correct him.

      As the local nattering truth bearer of President "Big-Guy" Biden’s train-wreck presidency, I delight spotlighting Democrat’s failures. "Big-Guy's" entire administration is a monument to weakness, policy ineptitude and failure.

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