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MY WORD: Your position on Rep. Good was 'sidesplitting'

MY WORD: Your position on Rep. Good was 'sidesplitting'

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By Larry Barton

Your editorial (“OUR VIEW: Please resign, Rep. Good,” Jan. 9) was hilarious. You should consider writing slapstick. You sincerely reason U.S. Rep. Bob Good should resign because he had the moxie to represent the wishes of the citizens that elected him? Hilarious!

Politicians voting the best interest of their constituents is a rare phenomenon in D.C. and, from your editorial, an act that appears to conflict the ever-fluctuating liberal definition of “democracy.” Hopefully, before being deprived the God-given right to have and express an opinion that conflicts with Democrat orthodoxy, I will be granted clearance to express my view. I’ll get back to why Bob Good’s constituents will always doubt the Electoral College’s confirmation of Joe Biden as president.

Though sidesplitting, your entire editorial is incontrovertible evidence that you have either been marooned on some distant planet, or the editorial was tactfully contrived from Rule No. 2 of the Democrat Play Book. That is, “Accuse your opponent of what you are guilty of.”

Conservative media condemned the reprehensible attack on the nation’s Capitol, just as it did in the George Floyd incident. Except to justify, condone and incite more violence, the Left stood mute while conservatives criticized the violence of burning, raping, looting, murder, seizing, etc. that occurred over months in many of our major cities. Wager you a coffee and doughnut that Bob Good would denounce violence of any kind, if asked.

The rationale for Bob Good’s vote objecting to the verification of the Electoral College’s conformation is not complex. First, you call the hundreds of affidavits, “preposterous and unfounded claims of election fraud,” but you don’t explain to the sheep you are leading to the slaughter why they are “unfounded.” I could make the “preposterous” accusation that all journalists have IQs below room temperature, but such an assertion would be “unfounded” if you were not allowed to prove (or disprove) otherwise.

Faith in humanity is predominantly why supporters don’t trust the election results and why Bob Good voted against verifying election results.

You say that you expect Republican leaders “to stand on principle and not on politics.” Surely you don’t mean the Left’s principles perverting law, dividing people against one another, disrespecting the Christian religion, deceptiveness, equal justice where fairness is determined by some cultural characteristic instead of the criminal act...all for political gain.

Your article makes one thing self-evident: There is no adverb in the English language that accurately identifies the degree of hypocrisy coming from the Left. Words like “flagrant,” “brazen,” “blatant” are way too gentle. Most assuredly, Bob Good does not need to be lectured on morality, ethics, virtue or even democracy.

The writer lives in Danville.

The writer lives in Danville.

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