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    The pandemic prompted the U.S. Supreme Court to embrace transparency, at least a little, by providing live audio of oral arguments. That change should be made permanent. Until COVID hit, the only way for most people to hear oral arguments in the nation’s highest court was to be one of those few fortunate enough to go to Washington and be admitted into the courtroom, usually after standing in ...

      Coal miner Betsy Mallum and the family doctor who delivered her, Sam Finnix, are not real people. But the harrowing things we see them endure on our television screens really did happen to all too many people in Southwest Virginia.

        In a sure sign that inflation is bearing down on us, the Dollar Tree chain has announced that it is going to stock items in many of its more than 15,000 U.S. and Canadian stores (five of them in the Fredericksburg area) that cost more than a buck.

          If there’s any silver lining to the curse of COVID-19, it’s that regional deaths from the regular seasonal flu last fall and winter dropped dramatically. That’s one trend we’d like to see continue — and getting the flu vaccine would help make it so.

            YouTube recently announced it will ban content that spreads misinformation regarding not just the coronavirus vaccines but vaccination science in general. It’s an acknowledgment that today’s misplaced conservative resistance to the coronavirus vaccines both feeds and is fed by the broader anti-vaccination movement that was around well before the pandemic. YouTube and other social media giants ...

            Virginia’s tourism industry urgently needs help to recover from the blow it has suffered during the long months of the COVID pandemic. And because tourism is a vital part of the state’s economy, efforts to draw large numbers of people back to our beaches, historic sites and other destinations will also be an essential part of the state’s overall economic recovery.

            Patrick Henry took one look at the proposed convention — meant to take up the shortcomings of the 1781 Articles of Confederation — and refused to participate, saying he “smelt a rat.” Well, today marks 234 years since that rat of a gathering produced the “miracle of Philadelphia,” when the U.S. Constitution emerged from a closed-door convention of American notables. Accordingly, the nation is ...

            Criminal cases should be open to the public, including members of the news media, unless there is clear and compelling evidence that it would violate the constitutional rights of the accused. Yet, in the case involving a man charged with killing a Newport News police officer, those petitioning to bar reporters from the court appear to be doing so as a matter of convenience, not of necessity. ...


            It’s a dubious distinction to be the first Triad resident convicted of a misdemeanor in relation to the Jan. 6 insurrection at the nation’s Capitol. It’s not something, we hope, that anyone would place on a resume. It’s more likely something that the resident in question hopes will disappear from public consciousness — the quicker, the better.

            As the streets of their quiet communities bustled with activity again, it was clear to year-round residents of Virginia’s college and university towns that students had returned for another semester.

            The new Commonwealth Cyber Initiative is already preparing students for important careers and protecting businesses, organizations and individuals from exploitive attacks. These timely efforts are placing Virginia — and Hampton Roads — on the cutting edge of this burgeoning field. As part of its successful pitch to woo Amazon, Virginia’s leaders pledged to invest generously — to the tune of ...

            President Biden spoke for millions of Americans on Thursday when he said, “Our patience is wearing thin.”

            “Alternate history” — a genre of fiction that asks “what if” of crucial historic events — can produce thought-provoking questions and insights.

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