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OUR VIEW: Please submit your resignation, Rep. Good
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OUR VIEW: Please submit your resignation, Rep. Good

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“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.”

Today we ask that you, U.S. Rep. Bob Good, R-5th District, to resign your position representing the 5th Congressional District and the people of Danville and Pittsylvania County.

We would extend this to your colleagues Morgan Griffith, Ben Cline and Rob Wittman, as well, if they represented us.

Your actions on Wednesday in objecting to the verification of the Electoral College’s vote to confirm Joe Biden as the new president was a violation of the oath above you swore on Sunday.

We had reached the conclusion that you must resign based on the demerits of your decision to join the coalition of Republicans who decided that party was more important than democracy and signed your name to the protests of verified votes by American citizens.

Any ridiculous question about that decision was erased by the travesty that unfolded Wednesday at the Capitol.

Just as you were getting comfortable in your seat and warming your vocal cords to express your jaundiced and unjustified objection, traitors invaded your building and chased you into the corner to hide.

We certainly don’t begrudge you for moving to safety, and we genuinely are glad you were not injured.

But there was plenty of damage to democracy caused by the onslaught of unpatriotic men and women, incited by a seditious charge from President Trump, who stormed the people’s house.

They invaded, they damaged, they confronted security personnel, and there were injuries and even deaths.

And you are just as guilty as they were.

You helped strike the matches that Trump and his allies used to ignite them to action by supporting his preposterous and unfounded claims of election fraud.

You see that, we hope. You understand how very wrong you were, right?

You know there was no point to any of it. You know President Trump wasn’t going to continue in office, and yet you couldn’t help but curry favor one more time to coattails that brought your slice of power and fame.

We expect more of our elected leaders. We expect them to stand on principle and not on politics. We want them to have the best interest of the nation in mind.

We now understand, though, that this entire group cowers in political fear of losing power, a threat felt even before the Trump boys delivered it again on Wednesday from the stage near the White House. If you don’t support us, they threatened, we will come for you. You will be “primaried.”

After all, you’ve seen how it worked for Denver Riggleman, an apparently honorable man who certainly didn’t support the role you decided to play. Because he had decency, Mr. Riggleman was maneuvered out of his seat in your favor.

That helped add to the true fear of every Republican legislator, that Trump’s band of supporters would leave you for death in some political wasteland?

Now, Rep. Good, you demonstrated to us even before you took that oath that you were unworthy of your seat in Congress, so we weren’t surprised that you would choose conspiracy over constituency. Based on your positions, it’s not difficult to imagine that you would’ve been right there with the invading thugs if you didn’t have an inside seat.

Yes, we grasp party loyalty and political clout.

But we don’t grasp your placing both before your allegiance to your country and to your oath.

You decided you would be derelict in democracy even if you don’t feel yet the need to protect your political backside.

We hope you have taken time to watch the video of how Wednesday unfolded. We hope guilt has seared a hole in your soul.

We hope you watched as your co-conspirator Sen. Josh Hawley, in voicing his objections to voting regulations in Pennsylvania, showed what this really was all about.

He spoke fervently if ridiculously about matters to which he had no portfolio, and he did so not looking into the eyes of senators on both sides in trying to sway them. No, Sen. Hawley stared unwaveringly, like a skillful televangelist, into the lens of the TV camera. He was being certain not to break eye contact with voters who could pioneer his political path — especially the one a few blocks up the street.

Now all 147 of you who voiced objections on this election share in the disgrace that renegades perpetrated on our country.

Are you proud of yourselves? Are you happy with how your politics played out?

Well, we aren’t.

So, please, today, submit your resignation. Turn in your shiny new pin and close your new office.

You aren’t fit to serve.

And we certainly don’t want you representing us.

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