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Danville offers ample options to vote
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Danville offers ample options to vote

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To the editor:

In response to Danville Democratic Committee Chairman Joshua Norris’ letter in the Danville Register & Bee (“Danville should have early Sunday voting,” Sept. 8), please be advised of the following.

His letter is correct that the Danville Electoral Board did by unanimous vote not to hold Sunday voting for several reasons. Danville will have early voting (you do not need an excuse) 45 days before elections each weekday and two Saturdays before the upcoming election.

Beginning Sept. 17 voters will be able to go to the registrar’s office at 530 Main St. and vote Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and cast their ballot for the candidates of their choice.

The registrar will have an ad in the Register & Bee of all dates available to vote including the two Saturdays. Also, beginning on Sept. 17 voters can vote by mail by calling the registrar’s office and at 434-799-6560 and requesting a ballot, which will be mailed to the registered voter’s address.

Once a voter receives that ballot, he or she should simply fill out the ballot and return it in the enclosed, return-addressed-and-stamped envelope. One word of caution: Do not use anything you receive in the mail other than the one you receive from the registrar and do not give it to anyone. Just use the envelope provided to return your ballot.

With early voting at the registrar’s office, voting by mail and election day voting, there is ample time for all registered voters to vote with ease.

Danville’s successful 2020 presidential election was conducted without long delays and was completed without any complaints as some localities have had. Additionally, Danville does not have traffic problems, and you can drive from one side of the city to the other in a short period of time.

Our successful elections are because of the hard work and planning of the registrar and staff as well as the electoral board who take their responsibilities seriously. Please be assured the registrar and the Electoral Board are committed to fair and easy access voting and believe ample opportunity to vote can be done in Danville without Sunday voting.

Financial consideration was not a factor in our decision not to have Sunday voting, as was stated in Mr. Norris’ letter.

T. NEAL MORRIS, Danville

The writer is the chair of the Danville Electoral Board.


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