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DRB Letters to the editor for July 25

DRB Letters to the editor for July 25

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Concerned about freedom

I am writing this letter with my utmost concern about our future to live free in our country that we love so much.

It is unbelievable that the wrongful death of George Floyd caused rioting, burning buildings, destroying historic statues, and killing adults, teens and babies worldwide! There is a lot more going on than a protest in Minneapolis, and it had to be planned far in advance by the radical left, made up of progressive Democrats in this country.

Wasn’t it “convenient” that the coronavirus came along at just the right time to force the public into their homes, and close down businesses, schools, and churches? Open your eyes! Democratic politicians are taking advantage of racial issues to gain control of the White House in November. Of course, all descent people believe that All Lives Matter! God is the creator of all people, and each person should be judged by their character, and not by the color of his or her skin.

We made a mistake in shutting down the country, more than a couple weeks in the beginning of the pandemic. Do you remember that President Trump wanted to open up the country by Easter on April 12th? We should have done that, but the president was observing state’s rights in respecting the decisions of the governors to make the calls for their states. It has been disgusting that Democratic governors have restrained the people and the churches in ways that are against our Constitutional Rights.

They should only be able to encourage hand washing, social distancing and the wearing of masks, instead of threatening business and church closure.

Other states and countries have done better with the pandemic without shutting down their economies. Why have violent “protests” been allowed to continue for weeks with no thought of “social distancing?”

Folks, this is not just a time of exercising the right to peacefully assemble in protest of an unlawful death. The goal of the left is anarchy and they won’t stop unless they are blocked in their strategy, or they have torn down our government in order to take control with socialism.

Policemen are being brutalized, as hundreds have suffered far more than the protesters who are supposed to be peaceful. Those who bravely protect us should never have to be beaten or killed as they handle criminals with kid gloves.

In closing, hold the politicians to the Constitution. In wisdom protect yourselves from the coronavirus as schools, churches and businesses get back to work. Be assured that God is our supreme master, to whom we will all answer on the Judgement Day.

In His mercy, we can work toward a more perfect union, and prevent its downfall by confused, paid protesters who are steered by power-hungry politicians.



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