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Letter: Big lie is calling Jan. 6 an insurrection

Letter: Big lie is calling Jan. 6 an insurrection

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Big lie is calling Jan. 6 riot an insurrection

To the editor:

Intelligent, reasonable people can disagree over important issues. These differences do not make them inhuman morons, Nazis fascist commie lovers or any of the many other names resorted to by the name callers of these times.

They may just have a have a different view point or opinion. It is conceivable that they are just misinformed on confused or undecided. They could even be just plain wrong or right. It may be just a question of perspective.

In this still great country of ours people have the right to voice their opinions without fear of governmental reprisals, or they are supposed to according to the constitution.

Some would argue the government has become untrustworthy and parts of the government have been weaponized to promote one political view over another and are actively suppressing opposing voices thru the cooperation of their friendly media or actual governmental intervention. This has clearly been the case in the recent past.

The big lie is not that Trump thinks the election was stolen from him. The big lie is calling the Jan. 6 riot at the capital an insurrection.

(Insurrection: “an organized resistance to established government synonymous with revolution.”) It was clearly not organized and not one gun was found in the crowd. So what kind of armed insurrection was it?

I would call it a political rally that got way out of hand and was turned into a riot by a few instigators in the crowd. It could at best be called a revolt. And the point of a revolt is not to overthrow the government, but to protest it and make it change the way things are done.

President Trump called on the people to march on the capital “peacefully and patriotically.” His later call for them to “fight like hell” is always taken completely out of context as he was clearly referring to the upcoming elections in Georgia. Did he stir up the crowd? Definitely. Was that a bad idea? Definitely. But no one — not even Trump himself — truly knows his motives. We all know he is a bloviating braggart.

From the view point of the protestors, they thought — either rightly or wrongly — the results of the election had been tampered with. It is/was their right to be there and protest.

And now unlike all of the other rioters of 2020 who were never charged or released, the Jan. 6 protestors are facing federal prison and being held without bail, often in solitary. How un-American is that? Everybody else got off free and they get the book thrown at them and unconstitutional treatment just because they are Trump supporters. Sure sounds like a double standard to me.

This protest was small potatoes when compared to the other riots of 2020; no fires, no looting.

There are so many cases of media bias and outright fabrication of untrue stories and unpunished governmental misconduct they cannot be mentioned here.

There is no wonder why there is so much distrust and unrest.

So what do we do? We got a good start with the last election, but we need to stay mad as hell and vote the remaining scoundrels out of office and never let their likes darken the doors of government again.

Harvey O. Minnick, Danville


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