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Letter: Encourage youth to learn things for peaceful life

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To the editor:

The Nov. 26 edition of the Register & Bee paper reports details on a double shooting in Danville. One man was killed and the other seriously wounded.

This was on page one. On page two, there is a calendar item sponsored by the Danville Public Library for a “Teen Takeover.” One of the “activities” listed is a Nerf gun battle.

Now I know that the Nerf projectiles usually don’t hurt, but I have heard of one individual being hit in the eye causing severe damage. We used to play “cops and robbers,” shooting imaginary bullets and arguing about who got shot. My parents wisely forbade us from doing that because the imaginary intent of killing another human being might lead to what happened in Danville on Nov. 17.

Lets encourage our youth to learn things that will help them to live peaceable and productive lives — like the Ten Commandments and “Thou shall not kill.”

Dr. Victor Oberheu, Danville


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