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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Is infrastructure bill necessary?
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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Is infrastructure bill necessary?

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To the editor:

In 1906 Mark Twain said, “There are only two forces that can carry light to all corners of the globe – the sun and The Associated Press.” That was a time when news was presented, and individuals decided what to think.

Those days gone; fairness is overrated. In this century, some journalism is the defense of Democrats and their policies. Some of those in news have no intention of presenting all sides of any story. The opinion editors of this paper believe the AP, are the only arbiters of truth.

Some in the traditional mainstream news say there is nothing but greatness in “Big Guy” Biden's change-everything-in-the-world-no-matter-what-it-costs, New Deal infrastructure plan. Go figure. Biden’s handlers want to make sure he leaves a legacy of government expansion, increased taxes and a Democrat-wrecked economy.

Moody’s Analytics says Biden’s plan would create 18.9 million jobs by 2030. They also say if everyone kept their own money and the federal government did nothing, the economy would create 16.3 million jobs anyway. Remember however, the intent is to pay off special interests that got this Democrat elected president.

The next hypocritical epiphany from Democrats is the once sacrosanct filibuster is now anathematic, even though Mr. Biden himself once said on the Senate floor, “The Senate ought not act rashly by changing its rules to satisfy a strong-willed majority.” For Democrats, everything evolves, and the end satisfies the means when it comes to ramming through an expensive, radical-far-left agenda. But that’s a whole other megillah indeed.


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