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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Love the Riverwalk but beware those on bikes
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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Love the Riverwalk but beware those on bikes

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To the editor:

My wife and I for the first time, since we moved to Danville in 1978, have started to walk at the Riverwalk along the Dan River. We have gotten to appreciate the beauty of the place, although we only started walking sometime in November 2020. ever since she had her major surgery in October. and all you see along the Riverwalk from the Union Street Bridge to the end, where the sign says “Private Property,” are trees with their branches without the green leaves because of winter. We could just imagine the beauty of the place along the flowing waters of the Dan River during the spring and summer months, when trees and flowers are in bloom.

It is heart-warming to see walking several persons, couples, families with their children, mothers with strollers, single persons with their dogs, joggers and runners trying to get in shape and friends gathered at the picnic tables enjoying each others company.

If one goes to the official website of the Danville Riverwalk, it says among other things that it “may define the city of Danville for the 21st century . . .” The Dan River “was used as catalyst for industry . . .” in the past but “now, the river’s value rests in its natural beauty and recreational opportunities . . . .”

We have enjoyed our walk from the Union Street Bridge to wherever it gets us along the walkway. We have seen flocks of Canadian geese at times and in one occasion Seagulls from afar as the seashore flew in which made us wonder what they were doing in Danville.

What worries us when we do our walks are the bikers that just zoom along the Riverwalk. They do not have anything that will signal as they approach the walkers. It concerns me because they could hit one of the walkers.

Who should look into this?


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