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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: This president isn't telling us the truth

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: This president isn't telling us the truth

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To the editor:

When the government has to surround itself with razor wire, that tells you something is wrong with the government. The government exists to serve the people, and if it has to protect itself from those people, it not doing its job.

After watching the president’s news conference, this old paratrooper is deeply saddened and concerned about the future outlook for this country.

I had assumed that Biden was your typical crooked but competent politician, not unlike so many others we have had over the years, but I fear I am wrong. He is completely out of touch with reality.

The president is either misinformed by his advisers, misled by his handlers or deliberately lying and misrepresenting the truth, something we have all come to expect from our lying politicians. The main difference between Biden and Trump is that Trump’s lies were so outlandish they were obvious to all and could be quickly disregarded. But Biden’s lies are hidden by his "you can trust me" approach.

We all knew he was a crooked politician and has been one for his entire adult life, but this is much worse and goes far deeper than political corruption. He is clearly unfit to lead and being handled by his managers and advisers who are using him as a puppet to push through their extremist values and ideas.

The most troubling thing is the thought that the wackadoodle of a vice-president will have to take over for him at some point. He has already abdicated much of his duties to her.

Biden campaigned on bipartisanship and uniting the country but expected the Republicans to make all of the concessions and has not even met with them. Repealing every Trump executive action is just petty politics and stupid.

Why aren’t the Republicans fighting to stop or delay all of this in the courts like the Democrats did for everything Trump? If SR 1 is passed, it will destroy any remaining confidence in our election system. It is nothing more than a power grab. And just where is all of this money coming from to pay for all of his new legislation? A trillion dollars here and a trillion dollars there, pretty soon it starts to add up.


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