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Letters: Flags on private property free speech

Letters: Flags on private property free speech

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To the editor:

In response to the letter "Atrocity to Freedom" (on page A4 of Sunday's edition), madam, you are wrong. The atrocity here is not the flag you see but rather your evil attempt to crush freedom of speech as expressed in the First Amendment of the Constitution.

While you may not "like" what you see, these flags are on private property. If it offends you, too bad. Your attempt to control everything and everyone speaks volumes.

What if I said the color of your house offends me? Sounds silly doesn't it. Just as silly as your attempt.

Either grow up or stay in your "safe home" with the other "woke" idiots. As a veteran, I served to allow ALL points of view to be expressed. God Bless America.

James Richards, Danville


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