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Letters to the editor for Sept. 15, 2020

Letters to the editor for Sept. 15, 2020

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A greenlight for Caesars

On Nov. 3, the citizens of Danville will be given the chance to green light the proposed Caesars Resort. I have no hesitation in saying this is the greatest opportunity to improve our community in my lifetime.

Forget, for a moment, the initial $400 million investment (the largest single capital investment in city history) or the 1,300 good paying jobs (the largest announcement in terms of jobs). What truly stands out is the incredible amount of revenue this project will inject into our city coffers.

You might not care how much they intend to spend on construction, unless you sell concrete, or you might not care how many people they will hire if you already have a good paying job, but the tens of millions in new tax revenue truly will benefit all of us.

This new revenue will mean better schools, public infrastructure and recreational opportunities. It means our police, fire and EMT workers will have the latest technology and the best equipment. And it means the pressure to raise local property taxes and utility rates will be greatly diminished.

I know there are those that fear this project will lead to higher crime rates, but that fear is not supported by statistics. For those who find gambling problematic, let me say, as someone who frequents casinos, I view it simply as a form of recreation. I am fully prepared to lose whatever amount I enter with and I see no difference between that and spending an equivalent amount playing golf or going skiing. Actually, there is a difference. I might win!

For those that bemoan the concept, “for there to be winners there must also be losers,” should we therefore stop playing high school football games?

For my entire life, in terms of economic activity, all roads were one way out of town. Whether it was going to Greensboro to shop or eat, Raleigh to catch a flight or vacationing in Myrtle Beach, Danville dollars flowed into other cities, supporting their economies.

On Nov. 3, we have a chance to make those roads run both ways.



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