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MY WORD: The attacks on Trump supporters

MY WORD: The attacks on Trump supporters

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During the last week of February, I read in your Opinion the following attacks against Republicans and those who supported Donald Trump.

On Feb. 22, columnist Leonard Pitts scorns a call for unity, comparing conservative Americans to wife beaters. He then continues to spread the usual made up phobias the left uses as ad hominem attacks rather than to actually address the issues that divide us. “Yet, bigotry, Islamophobia, homophobia xenophobia and utter hogwash are, increasingly, the only things the political right has to offer.” He declares himself and the left “fact-based Americans.”

On Feb. 24, columnist Andy Schmookler: “…how long it will take American Conservatives to dispel the darkness — the embrace of extremism and falsehoods that justify hatred — into which the majority of the Republican base has descended.” Again, Mr. Schmookler conflates that actions of a small percentage of admittedly wild and destructive persons with the majority of Republicans. We do not embrace those extreme actions; we condemn them. Do we hear similar condemnation from the Democrat officials and leaders for the much greater destruction and death that accompanied the summer riots of 2020? Furthermore, we do not hate, as so many on the left accuse. Perhaps we bristle with resentment when those who believe they are our “betters” lecture us on the latest fad version of “woke” culture and label us as deplorable because we actually believe in someone greater than ourselves.

On Feb. 25 Jonah Goldberg accused Republicans of using “fidelity to the Constitution, traditional morality, law and order, economic liberty, fiscal responsibility, etc.” as slogans. “At the moment of ‘highest political reality’” he states, “the bulk of the Republican Party has chosen Trump — and the voters who dominate the primaries — over all other considerations.” So anyone who voted for Trump and still supports the ideas of Keeping America Great, of reducing the behemoth that Washington, D.C., has become and of maintaining their love of God and our nation has abandoned all that Goldberg holds dear? I don’t think so.

These columnists seized on the incidence of the horrible attack in the halls of Congress to conflate our support with Trump and his political agenda with the actions of a small number of radical idiots and thugs. Those lawbreakers and destroyers are not us.

I, along with 75 million other Americans, have been labeled with various names, judged as embracing extremism and falsehoods and accused of being crass political opportunists who care nothing for our nation. That is bigotry.

So what are we conservative Republicans guilty of? Why did we support Trump? Why may we still? Certainly Donald J. Trump is no saint. He is guilty of bombast, of too quick a tongue without thought of consequences and of a rash combative personality. But I feel — and I believe millions of others feel — that the entity threatened by Donald J. Trump is not Democracy. It is the Washington DC Establishment of lifetime politicians: elitist, bloated, too powerful.

We sent Mr. Trump to Washington in 2016 to “drain the swamp” because we had long before lost any faith that those in power in Washington cared at all about our lives and our freedom. The establishment Democrats, media and others like your usual columnists — from other cities like Miami and Chicago — attacked him even before he took office and never ceased attacking for the entire four years of his presidency.

During that time, Trump established policies that brought our country back to economic health, reduced our taxes and the regulatory burdens business faces, began to secure our borders, created more equitable trade agreements with nations throughout the world and meanwhile brokered four Middle East peace accords between Arab nations and Israel. Yet, the Democrat and liberal attacks never ceased.

Know that when you went after Donald J. Trump, you attacked us as well. As demonstrated almost daily in this newspaper, the caustic and condescending assaults on conservative Republicans will increase in virulence until Mr. Trump’s legacy is destroyed and until we surrender to the left’s demands for “re-education,” so that we become, as Mr. Pitts put it, “…fact-based Americans” just like you. To quote another hated and quick tempered Conservative political leader, Winston Churchill: “…we shall never surrender.”

The writer lives in Danville.

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