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The problem with eliminating the death penalty

The problem with eliminating the death penalty

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The problem with eliminating the death penalty

To the editor:

Republican state Sen. Bill Stanley is someone I have always held in high esteem, and I was shocked to see that he is signing on as a chief co-patron of a bill to eliminate the death penalty in Virginia. Not only would this prevent future cases that may warrant the death penalty, it would recommend commuting the death penalty for two death-row criminals to life in prison without parole.

These cases have been tried in court and sentences rendered after facts presented warranted the death penalty. Everyone should know the lengthy appeal process for such cases as they go through every possible process to ensure the death penalty is proper. As for life without parole, what is to prevent some liberal governor from commuting the sentence?

I have seen the grief family members have to suffer when they lose a family member when a criminal took the life of a loved one. When circumstances warrant the death penalty, why should the criminal be allowed to live out his life in a prison being housed, feed, health issues taken care of and not having to do anything to contribute to society while the taxpayers foot the bill?

Sen. Stanley is on the wrong side of this issue and should be considering the families who have suffered these loses. Some people will argue there is no deterrent effect to the death penalty, which I disagree with, it certainly will prevent the person executed from ever committing another death-penalty offense.

I know there will be people thinking this is a horrible statement and that murderers are usually not repeat offenders, but there are serial killers.

I ask every law-abiding person, especially people who have lost a family to contact Sen. Stanley to request him to withdraw from sponsoring this bill. I pray he will protect the people be represents.



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