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DRB Letters to the editor for July 15
Letters to the Editor

DRB Letters to the editor for July 15

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Too much and never enough

In her new book, “Too Much and Never Enough,” Mary Trump says she was not surprised by the reprehensible acts of her uncle after he became president; however she was surprised at the number of people willing to enable him.

Amen to that, Mary! And it’s still going on.

William Barr, the attorney general, has been the most brazen enabler, intervening in cases Trump wants to make go away, driving prosecutors out of office, and making sure that Trump’s criminal associates — Mike Flynn and Roger Stone, for example — are never punished. He has done all in his power to erase the hard cold facts of the Mueller investigation. And before the next election, he will undoubtedly trot out his trash theories about how our intelligence community illegally spied on Trump when they investigated Russian interference in our last election. He may even gin up some indictments. If Trump’s lackey is willing to free the guilty, he is also likely willing to jail the innocent.

And then there’s Stephen Miller, senior advisor to the president, and the architect of our immigration policy that separated children from their parents. That wins a “special place in hell” award. Finally there are the zombie Republican senators who made it clear they would not impeach a Republican President, no matter how egregious his offense.

“We the People” must no longer be enablers. In November we will have the opportunity to vote the bums — that’s bums, plural — out of office.



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