Letters to the Editor June 24Open fast food restaurants for dine-in service
Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor June 24Open fast food restaurants for dine-in service

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To the editor:

As we Virginians try to get back to semi-normal and Danville’s opening up restaurants again, I am wondering why Taco Bell is the only fast food place allowing customers to dine inside? I have really been surprised that Hardee’s, Arby’s, McDonald’s, Wendy’s and others have remained drive-thru only when they all have been complaining about the impact on their businesses! I hate sounding mean but why should I get your overpriced food delivered or pick it up when it is easier just to make a sandwich at home? Eating out inside a restaurant is a way to finally feel normal again! I read that McDonald’s breakfasts are down almost 30%. Why? Because eating in our cars is getting old! Many of us upon eating a meal have to use the restrooms! Yet this luxury isn’t allowed in stores not allowing dine in! It has become abundantly clear that the fast food industry is taking full advantage of the rationing of condiments, paper napkins, no beverage refills and no trash containers outside for customer use! It is easy to keep clean restrooms and dining rooms when no customers are allowed access to either! I have grown tired of incorrect orders through the drive-thru! When something is missing or something is wrong, all I have to do is wait again in my vehicle for it to be fixed!

Your business is about convenience and yet you continue to inconvenience everyone by not opening at least half your eat-in areas of your restaurants!

Don’t cry COVID when your sales never rebound because you are trying a new normal and it isn’t working! Your cost cutting efforts and not reopening is your biggest mistake since the shut downs! It is time to open your doors again to the public! Maybe this is why Food Lion is having record sales because people are just tired of living in the 1950s!



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