Letters to the Editor June 4

Letters to the Editor June 4

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Don’t judge all by actions of few

I have been around law enforcement all my life, and, thankfully, I have never known a single officer anywhere near as malicious as those in the national spotlight lately. The men and women wearing the uniform that I have known for three generations all over the Commonwealth are not perfect people, but the vast majority are decent, caring, hardworking and dedicated public servants. Most are answering their calling. I really believe that.

However, there are those officers, such as the ones on television these days, who are, to put it quite bluntly, scum. They are bottom-feeding, lowlifes who use the badge solely for power. They masquerade every day they put on the uniform as protectors, as trustworthy humans, and, perhaps most sadly, as role models.

I thank God every day that they are few in number, but to pretend they are non-existent is to deny the facts. And to deny the facts only perpetuates their cruelty, which I refuse to do.

So, I say all this to say that I will never condone racism, inequality or torture from those who have sworn an oath to protect and serve us all. I also say all this to say how thankful I am for every law enforcement officer from my father, to the men and women I have dispatched for, to the ones I work with now. I know, admire and love them all, in great part, because they have answered a higher and noble calling and they wear the badge with honor.

I am all in on holding the corrupt accountable, but I refuse to judge all by the actions of the few.



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