Letters to the Editor June 7
Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor June 7

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Only $3 for 13 weeks

This past week Covid-19 deaths in the United States have now passed 100,000. With that milestone, we have seen the end of a common myth about Covid-19, i.e. that this virus was no worse than the annual flu.

I initially bought into this as in January-March, we were seeing an unusual uptick of garden variety influenza cases; however did not 80,000 Americans die of the flu in 2018? Or did they?

As it turns out, the CDC doesn’t count each individual influenza case or death, but averages out and reports weekly estimates based on cases that were actually reported. However, physicians are not required to report each influenza case or death. On the other hand, each Covid-19 case and death are supposed to be reported. In fact, because of the diverse symptomatology of the disease, some cases of Covid-19 may not be recognized; and we may be, if anything, under reporting the actual number of deaths.

Another myth initially heard was that masks do not protect the wearer from getting Covid-19 infection but just keep you from passing it on to others when you cough.

For years we have worn PPE in hospitals to keep from giving our common cold coronavirus to immunosuppressed patients. But PPE is also worn to keep an influenza patient from passing it on to healthcare workers. It works, in both directions, to keep the viral load numbers down and make it less likely the infection will spread.

Wear your mask when you go out and social distance to protect yourself and to protect others.



Another Katrina to create end wealth inequality

We need another New Orleans type of Hurricane Katrina to create looting and redistribution of wealth and ongoing “legalized looting” without a racial motivated element.

The means justify the end to bring down our economy like Venezuela, so next election we could have a regime change of our duly elected president.



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