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Ronald Reagan

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The Constitution is clear: On Jan. 20, there will be a transfer of power. There is no mention of an inauguration. Here's why we do it anyway.

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TRUMP: "You know, you got the biggest tax cut in the history of our country. I got it for you." — North Carolina rally.

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The 25th Amendment was never invoked after President Ronald Reagan was shot in 1981. Reagan did temporarily transfer power to Vice President George H. W. Bush while undergoing surgery to remove a polyp from his colon in 1985, but he said at the time he wasn't formally invoking the 25th Amendment. While he said he was "mindful" of it, he didn't believe "that the drafters of this Amendment intended its application to situations such as the instant one." Bush was acting president for eight hours according to a book on the amendment by John D. Feerick.

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Former President George H.W. Bush led a life of grace and diplomacy, from the battlefield to the oil fields, from Texas to New York to China to the White House. Forty-five years after the young fighter pilot was shot down in World War II, he would be the leader of the free world and play a significant role in ending the Cold War.

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George H.W. Bush, a World War II hero whose presidency soared with the coalition victory over Iraq in Kuwait, but then plummeted in the throes of a weak economy that led voters to turn him out of office after a single term, has died. He was 94.

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North, a staunch conservative who has found a rebirth as a commentator on Fox News, is perhaps best known for his central role in the illicit arms deals. North was fired from his post as an aide on the National Security Council by Reagan shortly after the scandal spilled into public view in the news media in 1986 and began to widen.

I teach about George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan — men who lifted our country, inspired us as citizens and led us in our darkest hours. What would they say about who we have become? We can do better. We must do better.

If you libs would quit getting your news from the DNC propaganda outlet and the mainstream news media, you would know the real numbers of where we are as a nation — we are hurting.

If we say that life is a right — as our Constitution does — the right to be born regardless of the circumstances (rape, incest, birth defects, the wrong sex, inconvenience, money, etc.) then we have no right to murder children.

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