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MECOSTA, Mich. — For generations, Brian Sackett's family has farmed potatoes that are made into chips found on grocery shelves in much of the eastern U.S.

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Food storage containers can prolong the life of leftovers, keep pests out of dry food, and help you organize your refrigerator, but a bad container lets in air and moisture, and leaves food spoiled. Here are 4 great containers to keep your kitchen organized.

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Whether you’re a first-time buyer or you’ve always had one at the center of your festivities, here’s how to get the most from your holiday tree.

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Keeping pet food fresh can be a challenge, so any pet lover would love to receive a reliable solution to this problem. That’s where the Vittles Vault comes in. This rugged container is designed for dry kibble and boasts an airtight lid. It comes in several sizes. $24.99+ at Chewy. It can also be found at Petco and Amazon.

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Does any room get quite as cluttered as the living room? This much-used, much-loved multipurpose room seems to have a clutter problem that’s in a class of its own — somehow the discarded socks, abandoned toys, half-read books, crumpled magazines, forgotten phone chargers and more collect in this shared space, and cleaning it all up seems like a never-ending chore.

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Turn chiffon dresses inside out to avoid snags. Store beaded dresses in their own garment bags so the beads don’t snag on other clothes or eac…

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It's the drawer you dread. The one that's so full it's hard to find anything in it, yet it's indispensable and in every home. But there's no reason you can't tame your junk drawer so that it can hold the mish mash that we all accumulate, and you can find things when you need to. Essentials only Junk drawers serve a vital purpose in our homes but are often our most frustrating experience when ...

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