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DRB letters to the editor for Aug. 21

DRB letters to the editor for Aug. 21

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Take time to learn about DAHS

I have been reading a lot lately about the Danville Animal Humane Society (DAHS), by way of social media and newsprint. I have seen threads of negative comments on Facebook and have heard of anonymous letters of verbal attacks and bullying. The people who are doing the attacking should be ashamed of themselves. If they love animals as much as they say they do, they should volunteer to spend time in the DAHS so they can see first-hand how it is managed. There are better ways to make a difference than by using hateful and hurtful accusations. Haven’t we learned anything in light of all the hate and meanness in the world today?

As an animal lover myself, and as a former Pittsylvania County supervisor, I proudly showed that love by supporting the vision of the citizens and voting in favor of purchasing the land and facility for the Pittsylvania County Pet Center. As a supervisor, I also supported the county’s partnership with the DAHS.

I have had numerous interactions with Paulette Dean and the caring staff at the shelter. I have adopted three puppies from there over the years and have recommended them to others. I can attest to their passion for the animals and to their professionalism.

There are always several sides to a story, and when reading some of the comments, it is apparent that those who criticize do not take into account all the facts. Instead of using the “wow” factor of how many animals are euthanized, why not state how the numbers have drastically reduced, check behind the reasons for the euthanizations and perhaps, even saying something positive as the DAHS strives for change. Gee that would be a novel approach! Especially in this day and time when all everyone wants to do is complain rather than be a part of the solutions.

I can only imagine the horror stories Mrs. Dean must have while she serves as a court-appointed humane investigator for the city and county and I understand her passion for wanting to help every animal. She lives and breathes the DAHS 24-7. Have any of you who are criticizing her ever taken the time to visit her and spend quality time talking about your concerns and listening to her?

Get to know Paulette Dean, show compassion and empathy for her and the agonizing decisions she has to make on a daily basis. She is a human being doing her job and I have the utmost respect for her. I don’t know of anyone who could, or would want to, fill her shoes.

What saddens me is that some who have their own personal agenda will read this and still choose to have the last word by continuing with the negative comments. And now they will probably be directed at me as well, but after some of the things I have read and heard, it was laid on my heart to pray for, and write this in support of Paulette Dean, her staff and the DAHS Board of Directors.


Dry Fork

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